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What's in a Lichen? How Scientists Got It Wrong for 150 Years | Short Film Showcase

What's in a Lichen? How Scientists Got It Wrong for 150 Years | Short Film Showcase

For 150 years, scientists believed lichen were defined by a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and algae. Meet the team of researchers who upended this belief in this short film by Andy Johnson, Talia Yuki Moore, Chris A. Johns, and Kate Furby.
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The fungus provides structure and support for the organism, while the algae produces food through photosynthesis. However, researchers recently discovered that certain lichen have an additional fungus in the mix. This threesome was revealed after a team set out to explain what made one type of lichen toxic versus another that was seemingly identical.

Watch the collaborative process unfold in this short film by Andy Johnson, Talia Yuki Moore, Chris A. Johns, and Kate Furby.

The film was created with support from Day’s Edge Productions at the International Wildlife Film Festival’s Filmmaker Labs. Macro photography by Tim Wheeler.

Learn more about John McCutcheon’s Lab at the University of Montana.

Follow the filmmakers on Twitter (@seakaterun, @taliamuaddib, @daysedge) and Instagram (@andyjohnsonphoto, @seakaterun).

What’s in a Lichen? How Scientists Got It Wrong for 150 Years | Short Film Showcase

National Geographic

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  1. Wow, Toby has over 14,000 lichen in his lab! What do you think of this discovery of the third partner in a lichen's symbiosis?

  2. We have been eating lichens , one of its type found in lower region of himalayas.Its been passed from generation to generation.

  3. so same fungus but on all continents' lichen?

  4. anybody knows the scientific name of lichen ?

  5. Totally fascinating. Is the third “actor” in this symbiosis always the same, whether in the NW U.S or on the steppes of Russia, or the jungles of Malaysia?

  6. Why would anyone make a documentary that is so short.

  7. Please explain about lichens structure

  8. lichen planus, lichen sclerosis

  9. Gorgeous lichens. Intriguing intro to the topic of the triad of lichen components. Thanks!

  10. Kinda like GLOBAL WARMING….scientists getting it wrong for many years !

  11. He looks like Bradley Cooper

  12. I don't want to be a buzz kill but your roof very badly needs attention.

  13. i came across lichen on a field trip in some mountains up in Killarney,Ireland and have been absolutly fasinated eversince !! this video got me so excieted to see the lab and environemtn they were working in <3 i hope to be so lucky

  14. As for me, it took me decades to discover that the word "Lichen" is actually pronounced "Lie-kn", not "Lich-n"… That's because I had never heard a native English speaker say it until I had watched this video.

  15. You claim these guys have discovered something revolutionary about the biology of lichens but then explain virtually nothing about it. That's pretty useless unless this is just the trailer for a full length documentary.

  16. This was amazingly bad. Did I just watch a promotional video for a start-up company?

  17. I be liken on the Lichens…great Job Guys!

  18. It's amazing that they are not repulsed by lichens

  19. I thought you might actually say more about lichens…

  20. And the hair please???

  21. The scientists who got it wrong all this time should be punished. We expect scientists to tell us the truth.

  22. To me, Fungus+Fungus+Algae = 2 It's just more than one strain of Fungus.. No?

  23. Systems thinking
    Cross discipline you know
    Scientist and math mathician
    Its all one smart guys go save the world

  24. Lichens grew on other lichens to evolve to what we call trees. Generations are approximately 20.

  25. I had no idea that lichens were essentially a terrestrial counterpart to coral. Very similar symbiosis dynamic.

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