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What's in Conditioner? | Ingredients With George Zaidan (Episode 8)

What's in Conditioner? | Ingredients With George Zaidan (Episode 8)

Conditioner: It makes your hair silky, smooth, and it’s a lot like … fat.
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About Ingredients:
Join MIT-trained chemist and science educator George Zaidan as he tries to recreate everyday household products like toothpaste, lipstick, or shaving cream using only natural ingredients… and no recipe! He’ll have to decode long lists of intimidating chemical names, figure out what they all do, try and find natural substitutes, and then cook up the do-it-yourself versions in his chemistry lab (kitchen). While George may or may not succeed, we’ll all learn something new and surprising about the products we take for granted every day.

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Special thanks to Christina Kemper Valentine
Editor: Daniel Carbone
Graphics and Animations: Per Hoel
Illustrator: Brett Paci
Overlays: Ceri Riley
Director of Photography: Adam Morrell and Emily Wathen
Theme Music: Pickup Stix
Additional Music: Smooth Jazz Gonk (JackBillPlatypus)
Created and Executive Produced by: George Zaidan and Elizabeth Choe

For National Geographic:
Vice President, Digital Video: James Williams
Executive Producer: Danielle Steinberg
Producer: Will Halicks
Associate Producer: Milaena Hamilton
Associate Producer: Lindsay Benson
Special thanks to Stephanie Atlas, Lisa Covi, Dan Steinmetz, Rebekah Barlas, Nicola Overstreet, Anna Kukelhaus, Kelsey Taylor, Gabe Bullard, Becky Little, Todd Hermann, Teresa Tate, Brett Weisband, Liane DiStefano


What’s in Conditioner? | Ingredients With George Zaidan (Episode 8)

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  1. May I recommend the lawmower 2.0 for your manscaping needs. Apart from that . Great video. 🙂

  2. Great video but, you need to do some manscaping. Alpha m would be having words on the body hair haha. Tackle it with a clipper .

  3. All I hear is science, and science, AND MORE SCIENCE. I feel like crying. Thanks.

    JK, I like the video! XD

  4. What can make the conditioner thicker?

  5. I'm so science driven. Been looking to see if I can make my own and all the natural blogs don't cut it for me. I need the why. Thank you!

  6. Your into is awesome!!!!!!

  7. Im sorry but I didn't ask for a science class

  8. Why you are wasting so much of water by shower on without using

  9. So what can be added to thicken the consistency? Great video by the way.

  10. The gecko on the wall🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  11. Lemon works for my hair

  12. Liquid Dishwash Compounds
    Video please

  13. why did you separate the oils from this explantion as other. like why are you not going into the other oils

  14. Try castor oil it stimulates hair growth or Jamaican black castor oil it's a little thicker so I suggest you use a little less of it it's the best castor oil there is and it stimulates hair growth and helps prevent balding and can stop balding

  15. Conditioner is only needed because shampoo strips hair

  16. Texts and backgrounds are too similar and hard to read sometimes

  17. maybe less water in the recipe? to make it less fluid.

  18. Don't put that on your hair dude,, aghh eww oh nooo 😀


  20. looking forward to the new season. i have enjoyed your videos on how things are made.

  21. you should do a hair spray vid

  22. add some gelatin or agar to make the consistency less fluid

  23. What's that banging tune in the background at 4:34?

  24. Great ! entertaining and most enlightening .

  25. Great stuff, learned something new.

  26. Make some video on face wash …!!!!

  27. He has more hair in his chest that in his head

  28. please can you do one with hairspray!?

  29. Wow you're kinda hot 😀 couldn't take my eyes off of you during the shower scene 😩😍🙈

  30. No sir the conditioner you made is making your hair fall out your balding

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