What’s Next For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle? | NBC News NOW

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say they are stepping back as senior members of the royal family, but is it really that simple?
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What’s Next For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle? | NBC News NOW


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  1. Kingdoms are fantasy anymore its 2020…kings…queens…princes and princesses…really? I love they've made the humble move….congrats u guys

  2. Their wedding costs Britain $42,000,000,000!
    Meghan’s dress alone costs $508,000!
    Thanks tax payers for the wedding but we’re done. Bahahahhahaha

  3. Money makes the world go round.

  4. If it is like a divorce then remember "The War of the Roses.": In divorce, there is no winning, only various degrees of losing.

  5. Definitely more of a liberation. The British tabloid "writers" are scum and they're pretty toxic.

  6. Make a new crown, Harry knows he will never be King but in Canada I'm sure they can work things out.

  7. Who cares? How is this news?

  8. Take their titles and privileges period.

  9. A lot of racism in the UK . Just like here in the USA. My boyfriend and I think Meghan is beautiful. The royal family are upset about them being more popular than the rest. They are trying to take the spotlight away from that little story of perversion and pedophilia. Meghan and Harry will always be welcome in our home!! God bless them!!

  10. Prince Andrew to Prince Harry: "Thanks, mate."

  11. This is pure speculation, maybe if the "media" reported news instead of making it up, they wouldn't be inclined to leave.

  12. Why do people think she a transgender?


  14. Kudos to the most loved couple in the world! The world applauds your exit from that hateful and racist royal family. Let's see who the hateful british media is going to hound.

  15. While Andy still gets an allowance for sexually molesting children

  16. Hm remember the long time gf before meg chelsea davy. They dated forever but she never wanted to be royal though she was invited to many royal events, now harry wants to lead a private life but keep all the perks of royalty lol. Probable do not want there kid around pedo randy andy now that he been kicked out of the family. Too distance themselves from royal family and epstein scandal i mean andy had epstein at his girls bday parties mingling. Now that espstein is dead sheeesh. Meg probably put her foot down with harry she grew up hollywood was probably aware of those pedo rings.

  17. This Wench had it planned all along! She will dump Harry, and take all his money! GOLD DIGGER!

  18. Meghan is screwing Harry big time!!!!

  19. Why are they keeping the home? Why are they keeping their titles? Remove everything! If they’re going to be “regular citizens” then you don’t get privileges. It’s time to end the wasteful use of money on these “monarchs” that are nothing more than undereducated wards of the state.

  20. fake news and mean reporting has killed the royals

  21. They should have came to this conclusion before the multi million dollar wedding and renovation.

  22. They will still be paid by Taxpayers. Meghan is a total Narcissist!

  23. I believe Megan is a scatter brain just like Nazi Pelosi.

  24. Who cares? This is all nonsense, a distraction.
    Put the focus back on Prince Andrew and all that Jeffrey Epstein evidence that the FBI has.

  25. I dont expect them to last ?????
    He will get over that pretty face ????
    He has more to offer than she ????

  26. Sound like meg wanted the titles and not the responsibility that come with it she cry over the Media treatment of her self but she preaching at the public not to fly round on plane than take private plane trips round the world and when the media call her out over it she and harry start moaning. hypocrites

  27. What happens if they divorce? “Ay grandma can I get my crown back or nah?!” 🥴

  28. If this guy had any commons sense, he would get a divorce ASAP!!!!!!!

  29. I say boycott Britain after the bigoted treatment Meghan received from the British press and a segment of the British people. Don't spend your tourist dollars in Britain !

  30. Again… another reason why Meghan is horrible for the monarchy!!!

  31. Why is the media so upset at their decision to step back and protect their family’s wellbeing?
    You would think that the media would be so happy to finally be rid of them.
    And also, the media continuous complain about them spending tax payers money, you would think that’s a good thing that they decide to generate their own revenue.
    H&M are making the best decision to protect their family’s wellbeing.

  32. British tabloids are pretty racist.

  33. Good for them they want somewhat of a normal life

  34. OMG, so many people in the comments can't see Meghan is a crazy BPD chick and Harry is so whipped he's her dog.

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