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Where Your Cat Goes May Blow Your Mind | National Geographic

A new study placed GPS tracking devices on house cats, and turned up some interesting findings. While most cats stay in the vicinity of their homes, others travel much farther away, to the surprise of their owners.
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Learn what else the research reveals about where cats go:

PRODUCER: Eileen Mignoni
VIDEOGRAPHERS AND EDITORS: Nacho Corbella and Eileen Mignoni
CRITTERCAM FOOTAGE: Collected in research collaboration with University of Georgia

Where Your Cat Goes May Blow Your Mind | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Omg no! Cats in woods? Cats on a roof? My mind is like BLOWN

  2. I didnt come here to listen to ppl talk…

  3. Anyone else here after watching a cat jump out of an airplane

  4. We did this with our cat and we discovered he had taken on a full-time graveyard shift at General Motors.

  5. I wish you would stfu and show more footage of where the cats go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Is there a name to the GPS harness camera used in this video? I'd like to purchase it. I need it to be exactly that.

  7. Not in small town Iowa cats are to be licenced and on leeshes. I think the human with personality disorders like narcississ to phodofiles need to be monitired. People are just learning about the harm caused by narcciss I besr the stars that took my family and my mom and that lonliness will end me.

  8. I let my cat out all the time… now she has an orange bf 😹

  9. My cat is not allowed outside and he is 15 years old now. Most of my cats growing up disappeared at some point, except one who lived around 24 years as an outside cat. Lost one of it's lives sleeping in the motor area of a car and getting it's tail chopped off.

  10. Hurry up and show us where they went and shup up stop talking this is why uk documentaries are far batter get it together US!!

  11. We had a friendly cat in our old area that would visit us and another house in the same area. He just walked into your house.

  12. cats are so fabulous 💗💗 and sooo smart

  13. my cat went missing for a month, luckily, she came back from her month-long vacation.

  14. Was hoping the cat catches the owner cheating on their significant other. Lol

  15. What if they went to the zoo, to look at the bigger cats 🤯

  16. I know where my cat goes .. to sleep 😹

  17. If I let my cat outside, I would never see it again.

  18. 2:22 yo Hooman! I walk backwards like a Pro!

  19. This video has too much cuteness

  20. Cats start off really limber, but they don't have playmate's and their introspective. Aby sat on different parts of her cat house until she realized little girls do that. So grown ups are too large, they like 15 to 20 year olds.

  21. My cat goes out to hunt my pet chicks Kill Count: 3
    I'm keeping them in cage rn

  22. Next thing you know they'll want to track your cats so they can farm its data and provide it with the right kind of ads lol

  23. HAH! It didn’t blow my mind🤯

  24. I want one, my cat 🐈 leaves for 3-4 hours at night and me and my folks wonder where

  25. Put a tracking device on obama!!!!

  26. I wish so bad I could let my cat outside🙁

  27. in australia cats are a real problem the indigenous ladys out west trackem killem and eat them .they have done such a good job the native animals are coming back..these are not pet cats they feral

  28. I advocate that we keep the narrator of this video in doors ~

  29. How many of you see whiskas cat food advertisement before it

  30. Should be illegal to let pets roam

  31. y’all shocked that we, cats actually have a life? get out of the house you humans.

  32. Really nat geo ? Click bait much

  33. This isn’t what I expected from the title.

  34. Wow. That's so cool. She remembers where they used to live.

  35. Showing where one cat went was a waste. We have no way of determining your critter cam’s value this way. Did you create a plan before you started filming?

  36. I never knew cats go that far if we let them out for too long 😮

  37. My cat followed me to Japan when I moved for a new job.
    Clingy af

  38. Very disappointing video. Was expecting to see GoPro footage of a cat on a killing spree.

  39. I believe spayed and neutered cats behaved differently than non neutered cats. this should be a major comparison during this study. for example, not neutered male cats roam long distances to find breeding females

  40. I'm from NC! My fiance's cat went missing for ONE WHOLE Year and showed up at his doorstep again one day like nothing happened. Wtf.

  41. My grandmas cat was somewhere for 3 months and here in finland it can get -30 celsius in the winter.

  42. Your american cats somehow are similar to american people ahaha, the face expressions are similar

  43. Making a cat stay indoors is cruel!

  44. My cat got poisoned last weekend she was free roaming since we had her please cat proof your fence you could safe a life

  45. “Where your cat goes may blow your mind”

    It goes outside and hangs around the area it lives in and sometimes rarely it goes into a natural area if one is close by.
    wooooow mind blown

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