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White House addresses coronavirus cases among West Wing staff | USA TODAY

The White House has confirmed a second coronavirus case among West Wing staff, this time in VP Mike Pence’s office.
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Multiple media reports said the staffer who tested positive is Katie Miller, Pence’s press secretary and the wife of Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump known for his hard-line stance on immigration.

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  1. That's a lot of people in that small room who are NOT FOLLOWING SIX FEET RULE!! Let alone a mask. The media is funny some times just but Sheep will be sheep they follow as directed. #welcometo1984

  2. So, "All.the recommended guidelines" for you, NONE for us….😠

  3. God’s Coronavirus Slowly Reaching Objective. We couldn’t ask for better news. Just think of it, these arrogant assholes in the White House have been parading around unmask as if God’s Coronavirus wouldn’t dare infect them. Trust me assholes, the rest of us will be praying alright, but it’ll not be for you, it’ll be for a final solution to the evil that has invaded our country without us having to count on the vote to get it. Should it be a concern that there may not be a ventilator large enough to cover the orangutans’ face?

  4. Breaking news!! Ivanka's assistant just tested positive. That makes three positive cases in the White House and you know there will be more.

  5. Yeah "They made the choice to come here" and risk getting infected by Orange Jesus…. It's all thier fault not the demi-god…..

  6. Where has American wealth gone, in the pocket of the elite, ordinary people are like dogs.

  7. Trump must continue to serve as president. I am Chinese and I support him.

  8. When the entire whitehouse will be sick of coronavirus, it will be a national holiday! 😬😬😬😬😬😬
    Hopefully they will all be on ventilators!!

  9. Absolutely shameless and totaly disrespectful of Trump to not cover his mug and risk the lives of real heroes.

  10. I call bs …lets just feel scared for Trump n pence…lol…really…nice try….lol

  11. Why the whole concepts of test aren’t necessary…(stop I might be quoted)
    But the test helped you guys identify her, we get temperature readings.
    Is she currently back at her work then as everyone else is been urged without adequate tests.
    Does this not conflict with your argument that people are contracting it from their immediate homes?

  12. Tossing live turkeys out of planes is called "being religious" in Arkansas.

  13. Monster Virus invading the White-House ,see cowboys and secret-service running for their lives,Insane Trump is in danger…C.D.C. says Mad Trump will DIE…

  14. FREE HUGS NO MASK REQUIRED ❤️ die from a hug not a needle
    Btw: my one year old sons first words COVID1984

  15. My D! CK wears a mask glasses and a hat inscribed COVID1984 should I coat it with wax for extra protection?

  16. Feels like a red flag, she might get Coronavirus

  17. Where is the vaccacin? Please bring us back to normal life…

  18. Virus in the white house nice. Now they can learn how to handle it, but I doubt they'll implement that in the country because they only are concerned about their own safety.

  19. Inspired With Best Video ❤️

  20. The 66% of infections are just people infecting their families after getting sick outside.

  21. "We're now putting in place"…. shouldn't that be… "We already had this in place for months"

  22. A country that honors the elderly after their death due to the Covid-19 is not only incompetent ,but a hypocritical govt. Heard of precaution is better than cure .If you cannot protect the weak, old, minority from Covid , but the priority is to protect the ultra rich first, then US should just hand over its world leadership to UN, at least for the time being because she can’t even take care of herself.

  23. The president is regularly tested. Hmm wasn't Vice President press secretary regularly tested? The answer is yes. Trust me a mask on this President would be an improvement. I honestly think he wants to wipe out middle and lower class. Since we do not have the ability to be regularly tested and are required to be "Warriors"

  24. the media/dems have you guys in hysterics as they walk this country into a gauntlet. Its a win win for both of their interests.
    Its simple. Shelter the 95% of people who would actually die from covid,the old,and preconditioned. All others who contract it give them hcq,zpack,zinc mixture. Cures you in 1-2 days like Tom Hanks and wife,Boris Johnson,Karen Whitsett

  25. yet another lying POS special liar to the press.

  26. Idiot still doesn't understand how the virus or testing works.

  27. Can't such things happen using video conference? Why the people in government are so dumb to understand the word 'Social Distancing'?

  28. May Lord Krishna bless every one in this disaster. http://Www.Vedabase.com

  29. I swear i'm only here to try and find the cure for corona virus

  30. Regularly testing means nothing especially with faulty tests. But keep following your own guidelines Trump, you are doing a tremendous job.

  31. trumps tested daily and protected, but everyone else go back to work. We need the stock market to rebound so I can get re-elected.

  32. This people are crazy.

  33. Regularly tested . Enough said about this administration attitude . Not everyone needed a test because you might need to get tested hour later but we are regularly tested .

  34. I'm just happy she is religious.

  35. Lying to America, The Trump corruptmenstration continues. Veterans first like when he kept the money he raised for Veterans through his fake charity?

  36. 1:35 they just pissed in your face right there she got Jesus on her side of death

  37. USA Today follows orders and posts fakenews

  38. People take their clues from the boss. And when the boss repeatedly says the virus is a hoax you can't expect everyone else to tell the truth or take this virus seriously.

  39. Hope Covid19 wipes out this whole White House. Conman Don is NOT our president and we don't really care if this gets him. Actually we want it to.

  40. I give her 2 or 3 weeks tops.

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