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White Nokia N9 hands-on

White Nokia N9 hands-on

Let’s keep this short and sweet. This is the rare snow-white Nokia N9 and it’s absolutely stunning.
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  1. i m still a very big fan of nokia n9

  2. OLED in the year 2012 that's awesome

  3. Is this mobile availabke for sale?

  4. I still have this phone. Unfortunately after all this time most of the services on it don't really work anymore.

  5. The all swipe gesture of iPhone X that is released this year, was Nokia's technology when they released Nokia N9.

  6. Talking About Only Comparison And All That And Made So Long Not Good.

  7. i still have Nokia N9 since it released !! best smartphone but sadly no Apps .

  8. need that phone NOW. where can i buy one? paying any price xd

  9. now this might have been the only white phone i would ever own.  now they have done the N1 tablet.  MAKE A ANDROID PHONE Nokia.  We have been waiting for a long time!!!

  10. I have This Phone (Nokia N9) 🙂 …..

  11. wrong title of video u jerk,, name it as ,,how white is nokia n9 ,,,
    supposed to be hands on review nerd…!!!!

  12. It's so beautiful, usefull and simple, such a shame Meego is dead platform, thank you nokia you forced me to buy iPhone for the next phone. That happens if the wrong people are on the wrong positions. bye

  13. I think of glossy black.wow but glossy finishes only get worst when you took a closer look its scratch and finger print magnet o_O. Matte white would be cool..FYI unicorn n9 is also white inherint colour.

  14. bether than samsung galaxy s2 plus ?

  15. Rarest of rarest unicorn!!!!!

  16. Looks like a 920 without windows

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