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Who are Jeffrey Epstein's close female associates? | USA TODAY

The female confidants in Jeffrey Epstein’s inner circle.
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Following Jeffrey Epstein’s death, at least six women who accused him of sexual abuse have already filed lawsuits against his estate and associates.

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  1. Trafficking young girls was not their specialty recruiting humans for science was their specialty and their seceret contracts with hospitals like John Hopkins, schools like Berkeley, Wiltshire and many others, pure evil, recruiting humans for Britian scientists was their specialty, girls was their hobby


  3. these "women" is oppressed by having helped a pedo, so why aren't they atleast in court ?


  5. Sick of just seeing all bad shit on the media these days . I think the news should just focus on good stuff . And just let the families greiv over there bad stuff privitly . All this bad stuff on news and the internet makes me sick and depressed.

  6. where are the new girls pantys jeff bought in jail!! he wore them stunk them up real good we want those skivvies to sell 1000 bucks each.

  7. Go after Junkermann if you have the balls.

  8. Why aren't these enablers behind bars???

  9. Want proof of his death! Where? Funeral?

  10. It looks as there were no kidnapping and forcing. The girls were in a way employees of Epstein. The underage prostitutes. I do not comprehend public and media sentiments over poor little children. Not so little and not so poor after years of selling themselves to rich clientele. They are as disgusting as men who used them. Do not know who was more awful.

  11. The times are making her out to be a victim, she was he's Mossad controller,

  12. Be sure any women who were co conspirators with epstein will not be persecuted. Women righ org and media will portray them also as a victim of epstein now that epstein is murdered. more over mossad an cia will cover up all evidances .

  13. Help me please 98159.15506help me please am big problem please help me

  14. The queens dirty laundry🤓🤮🤢🤮🤢

  15. Stop lying to the public he was murdered by political figures who fucked small children on his island.

  16. All in hiding don't want to be on the Clinton hit list

  17. Epstein is a Mossad agent who had a lush career setting honeypot traps for the elites, mostly American lawmakers, keeping them duly blackmailed in order to keep the $billions flowing to Israel.

  18. For sure they free him and he is somewhere els now with new identity! Big names involved with him. No way he killed him self or they got rid of him

  19. Business as usual. They voted he's dead. Next. Don't ever question God's authority.

  20. The FBI and judges protected this guy cuz he was so well connected and he donated to all their causes. That's how it works in america guys

  21. Princess Andrew was one of them..

  22. Pedophile island  – Home of the democratic party .

  23. He was involved with Hillary and all the democrat  hopefuls.

  24. Hillary would blame the girls.

  25. Epsteins friends and guests: Bill Clinton; Alan Dershowitz; Ghislaine Maxwell; Leslie Wexner; Prince Andrew; Tom Barrack; Mort Zuckerman; Woody Allen; Larry Summers; Bill Barr; Ken Starr; Lawrence Krauss; Stephen Hawking, Steven Pinker; Roger Schank; Harvey Weinstein

  26. We are dealing with a global satanic network of elites and israelie inteligence here. This si the scandal of the century. The very people who are the most vocal multicultural, open border and pro LGBT advocates are connected to some very, very bad things.

  27. Apparently Jeff was murdered by the doj(dept. Of just ice) iced permanent Lee. How convenient. Had to put comment here about" justice" cuz fox disable comments on 45 sec clip. Osterman weekend, miss monsieur rutger haur.

  28. Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Liz Warren, Princess Andrew among some.

  29. His not dead it's a hoax. Fake news. His been seen in Australia recently

  30. Epstein and Maxwell were not intelligence. Epstein was a 21 see century organized crime dark money mobster. The accomplices were all the same ethnic group as Epstein. Except Marcinkova, who was "bought" at 15. It's classic abuser behavior, these women saying ,"They are not our kind and can be used." So they took high pay and catered to the pervert for a job that paid them, not for their skill but for their complicity and silence." You must wonder about their husbands. But quite the woman they thought they were marrying.

  31. So far all I've seen is a rich man who loves girls and massages. On exotic islands . Where's all these underage girls their talking about .

  32. I am against capital punishment and believe strongly that if we, as a society, tried to heal the criminally sick (btw, that doesn't mean giving them an easy time – quite the opposite) instead of punishing them, we'd get much better results as a whole.
    However, seeing as the betrayal of trust of the people is so profound and risks destroying the people's trust on an international level if allowed to continue, such crimes, when irrefutable and committed by the elite, should perhaps receive swift capital punishment by we the people, always using the legal system of course.
    It is now clear there is plenty of evidence of more and more of the international elite being involved in vast satanistic, pedophile rings all over the world.
    Eventually new, honest judges will have to be appointed and we should then have international Nuremberg style trails and put all these criminal, powerful elements to justice. As things stand, only something like that will restore the trust of the people – and only with trust is there real prosperity, security and freedom.
    Even though it seems like a very far off dream right now, I have faith that it will ultimately come. However, in the meantime, these elites, who control the financial and legal system, are literally getting away with the most heinous crimes on mass.
    Wake up people! For thing to get better each one of us MUST demand the truth!!

  33. Congress needs to subpoena Alexander Acosta to testify about the sweetheart deal he gave to Epstein. Acosta said he was told to "lay off Epstein" because he "belonged to intelligence".

  34. Lol Jeffrey Epstein is chillin somewhere having a margarita and y’all trippin…

  35. Every single one of them – JEWISH and not in custody

  36. I guess I have not seen the whole story? This guy truly sick shame he didn't have to face justice. My delima is even if these girls were under age were they kept somewhere against their will or threatened to be killed if they did not submit or were these girls after the money and so now ?? I'm a mother so all this is sick for sure but I haven't heard of these girls being locked up or held against their will so I'm just wondering

  37. Interesting that every time a note on Ponce Andy is shown…the 'comments' are disabled…do we detect Windsor influence…and as to Andy claiming "NO SEX TOOK PLACE"…He would say that, wouldn't he…

  38. Why hasn't Ghislaine Maxwell been arrested .The evidence is their in abundance.

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