Who is the biggest cricket nuffy in the Australian team?

We asked Australia’s leading cricketers which one of their teammates was the most obsessed with cricket – and one name came up A LOT


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  1. When marnus comes into the aus team.. all the people forgot smith name.. marnus good cricketer… but beginner.. smith is legend…

  2. Tim paine : will ask virat about this one

  3. Marnus Loose Bus Change 😄😄😄

  4. What's up with stoinis always looking like he got really drunk and got beaten up the previous night

  5. I am big Australian cricket.. They are professional cricket

  6. Why handscomb is not in the team?

  7. It comes down to owning who you are. Whatever he is doing it is working!

  8. Can you guys pls tell me what is the meaning of nuffy???

  9. Can you guys pls tell me what is the meaning of nuffy???

  10. I thought nuffy meant stupid and clueless…

  11. Marnus is next superstar in Australian cricket

  12. So "nerd " in America is "nuffy" in Australia ?

  13. Without Ushman Khwajha…….

    Your team will struggle against spin…..

  14. Hazel wood smith and cummins

  15. Of course Zampa and Stoinis were going to say the same..

  16. Cummins for me, his stamina is literally on another level.

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