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Who is the Yankees most feared hitter in the playoffs? | MLB POSTSEASON ON FOX

The MLB on FOX crew breaks down who the most fearsome hitter in the Yankees lineup is as they rev up their playoff push.

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Who is the Yankees most feared hitter in the playoffs? | MLB POSTSEASON ON FOX

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  1. Who do you think is the Yankees' most feared hitter in the playoffs?

  2. DJ pickin it at 1st yesterday too, stud.

  3. Give me those three analysts left to right, 2-3-4 in my lineup, and I'm gonna win a few ballgames.

  4. its just common sense its DJ….just look at his stats this year and he;s always clutch….something A-Roid never was,,,,go home Arod…

  5. Good stuff David. I’m a Yankees fan who could never hate you. So glad you’re alright man

  6. Big papi is healthy!!!!!!! Yay!!!

  7. Man what a great group of analysts, I could listen to these guys all day

  8. DJ or DiDi or Judge stand out, but no one on the team is a slouch. They all shine when they have to…that's what makes this team so special!

  9. A Rod is in an another level.

  10. Yanks/Cubs fan. We needed Chapman to win the World Series. I was sick as a Cubs fan to lose Torres, and then have him and Chapman on the Yanks now. Torres is crushing it! I love baseball…#28

  11. With men on base I don't think any pitcher wants to see DJ right now…bases empty ANY of the Yankees can cause damage. Their #9 hitter batted .310 this years with 20 bombs. …the only Yankee who didn't hit 10+ homerun this year was their bat boy who had 7 or 8.

  12. As a sox fan i think dj or judge are the most important players , scary lineup up and down tho

  13. I can tell you who it’s not.. Gary or Stanton

  14. Who is the Yankees most feared hitter?


  15. well hey, Alex Rodriguez, Big papi, and someone that shaved a huge bear down! wow, how large is this man! He looks like a 2 line backers

  16. Im just glad big papi is alive

  17. Most feared I'd like to say Aaron judge no doubt

  18. I have to agree with a rod DJ's been doing it all year what the whole lineup concept is being patient at the plate take your walks and pass it to the next guy Savages at the plate

  19. Sorry , but the best is Sanchez

  20. Any answer other than DJ Lemahieu is wrong

  21. DJ,Gleyber,Gardy and Gio were heroes all season

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