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Who ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi? | Al Jazeera English

It’s a month to the day since Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and disappeared.
Turkish investigators say a Saudi “hit squad” strangled the journalist in a premeditated attack, then dismembered and hid his body.
The Saudi story has changed repeatedly from saying he left the consulate safely to claiming it was an accidental killing to blaming rogue operators.
International pressure is mounting on the kingdom – with the US saying sanctions are on the way.
Al Jazeera looks at the murder of Khashoggi one month on; examining why the case has been so difficult to unravel and the important questions that are still unanswered.
Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports.

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  1. All this fuss over a stinking Washington Post journo, FFS there's still plenty more of them.

  2. The prince should be executed

  3. Saudi Arabia embassies and Consulates are HORROR HOUSES.

  4. Shame on the international community to sit back and not do anything. Delaying the investigators to enter the crime scene… Etc is like the law of the jungle.

  5. Saudi Kingdom is a kingdom of criminals protected by USA for Petrodollar, Zionism and Terrorism.
    Thousands of brutalities were perpetrated by the Criminal Saudi Kingdom.
    Jamal Khashoggi killing came to media widely.
    Please, please continue the movement. Democracy is the only peace process for the Saudi Arabia.

  6. Khashoggi’s “murder”(?) has been organized by those who want to remove MBS from the governance…..pretty sure the recording words : “ You gonna to put me to trouble” are belongs to the Consul of KSA that suddenly got witnessed the action performed by “affiliated” one …it’s understandable that the problem goes inside Al Saud family there’s many who wants to be the next King in particular who have connections with Britain….MBS maybe not an angel but he’s not that stupid to cut the roots on the wood he sitting……
    P/S i’m just a student of political courses
    future independent politician

  7. who did it?? Hey retards it's Mr bone saw!! Idiot's!!

  8. All are washing their hands, but we all know who ordered this murder!

  9. In Bharath moghul rulers killed their fathers & fathers killed their children. It is common in Islam. They do it because it is not mentioned not to kill. Masha Allah.

  10. Obviously Muhammad Bin Satan

  11. But who're killing Kashmiris Palestinians yemenis Rohingyas ughayirs …….. are already identified so come on show your guts and bring them to international court justice .

  12. qatar is really milkin this. good for them.

  13. We tired of this Jamal case, move on nothing will happen.

  14. These people can not be custodians.of Two Holy Places,for simple reason that they are…. crasy!

  15. It was MBS, Muhammad Bone SawMan duh.

  16. It is a conspiracy of US and Israel. Just to divide Muslim world and to create more wars . That is why it is getting more media attention.

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