Why are Kenyans so good at distance running?

In the last two Olympics Kenyan runners have won 25 distance running medals. Find out why.

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  1. Well.. if as many people got into running, as into football, baseball, soccer, we would get a lot of talented runners in the US and Europe too. This is the only reason there are so many good runners there.

  2. I tried this method got injured on the 1st day.. the front method is difficult

  3. Im gonna get me some more altitude

  4. If you guys really want to know why the Kenyans are so good, watch this: https://youtu.be/FHb2tbKoZR8

  5. i started running when i'm been chased by a dog

  6. Why don't they run ultramarathons

  7. They are good at running simply from their genetic build

  8. Ethiopians are long distance runners as well.

  9. If kenya had swimming pools or bikes they would be grrat.m

  10. The professor's assertions are absolute junk, listening to him you can't help sensing a form of infantilisation . The Nandi are just genetically blessed. None of the factors mentiones matter.

  11. There ancestors are used to running

  12. So, live like the Industrial Revolution never happened and you will be in fairly good health.

    We should all take note.

  13. Him… Say altitude
    Me :yes OK

  14. Eritreans and Ethiopians seem to be extremely gifted long distance runners as well. Maybe they share some advantages along with the Nandi.

  15. All of these things, and EPO!

  16. Tall, long legs, bigger muscle legs, bigger heart and lung capacity!. .. . They builld for run 🏃💨

  17. Why are caucasians so good at swimming?

  18. One thing i cant quite explain is that if you see a kenyan running along side a non kenyan in a race, there is a noticable diff in the stride. The kenyans seem to have a smoother more relaxed stride.

  19. Damn they interviewed the same person just made them change shirts 🧐

  20. Because they have to run 40 miles to get water

  21. You got a run from them Cheetahs

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