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Why are thousands of Cuban doctors leaving Brazil? | The Stream

Brazilians living in poor and under-served regions of the country are wondering what the exit of thousands of Cuban doctors will mean for their future access to healthcare.

Since mid-November Cuba has recalled thousands of doctors from Brazil following calls by president-elect Jair Bolsonaro that the terms of the doctors’ contracts be revised. Among his demands he wants Cuba to pay the doctors in full; at present, Havana takes about 70 percent of the wages earned by doctors serving in Brazil under a WHO-brokered programme called More Doctors, which was started in 2013 under the watch of then-president Dilma Rousseff.

Thousands of Cuban doctors were working in underserved, poor areas of Brazil before havana recalled them. Brazilian doctors tend to work in wealthier parts of the country and the More Doctors programme helped bring healthcare provision to more than 700 municipalities where healthcare provision had been scant.

What will be the likely impact of the standoff for millions of people in poor areas of Brazil, how can Brazil bridge the gap in healthcare provision, and what does the impasse mean for Cuba? Join the conversation.

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  1. Im brazilian, cuban medics are slave of dictator Cuba govern. And this jornal is BS.

  2. The elites in Brazil, Mexico, and like countries actually try to kill their poor as opposed to ever helping them out.

  3. I'ts a shame that esential healthcare can be also used as a political instrument from some.. it's a CRIME to gamble with lives.

  4. I am brazilian, I have friends who are doctors and they also had worked in these remote areas, they always complained about the poor conditions, everything is scarse in these areas and our government doesn't give a shit about it. I think they should invest more in infra structure and raise the doctor's salaries in order to attract more professionals and who knows "solve" this problem.

    love and peace from Brazil to you!!

  5. @AlJazeera interviewing this Miami anticastro mouthpiece will not help your viewers to understand the situation with the cuban doctors. To them anything Cuba does is evil.

  6. The brazilians voted for Bolsonaro. Let them assume their choice.


  8. The issue is the high taxes that Cuban doctors pay for being volunteers. You cannot conflate the pay of Cuban doctors with any other doctors. No mention that all Cuban doctors were educated by the Cuban people. The 75% of the Cuban foreign earnings go back to the Cuban people and are used to purchase medical equipment for the Cuban people. The Danish doctors also pay high taxes '''Personal Income Tax Rate in Denmark averaged 60.45 percent from 1995 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 65.90 percent in 1997 and a record low of 55.40 percent in 2010.'' (wiki) What Cuban doctors pay is not much higher than what Danish doctors pay. This propaganda against this noble project of Cuban doctors saving lives is based on Imperialist lies and distortions.

  9. The United States Peace Corps sends doctors, and their pay is about the same that Cuban doctors get.

  10. Just hire the doctors directly.

  11. Didn't know Cubans are that great… Well more respect to Cubans and I am not surprised after Brazil chose new clown a puppet and a whore.

  12. full control of households with free from germs and other virulency

  13. bewaring the diseases may be havoc with needing full gain control as epidemic pandemic and othersss

  14. givin rise in TADA and every facilities allowances

  15. must give access to the cubans by the castro government

  16. The medcical field as a whole has sold out to the pharmaceutical companies and the skill level that some doctors have are not up to global standards misdiagnosed and botched cases are on the rise for people to have to depend so heavily on doctors is sad why not show people how to take care of their bodies properly so they would not need all those doctors or hospitals plus it would reduce the political burden

  17. This is something made by Lula government to the Communist Castro that's why they're paying
    Some money to the doctors and the other part they give to Castro
    That's why the government brasilian don't get doctors brasilian.

  18. Docs in Cuba make $70USD per month in Cuba. They are ordered to go abroad to make money for the Cuban government. The government pimps the Docs out.

  19. 4 out of thousand Cuban doctors did not like this? The numbers are null. Ridiculous. Cuba has always had Great doctors and health system.

  20. Good riddance… The Cuban dictators have been living off the back of these doctors for much too long.

  21. America should end Cuban embargo

  22. The Brazilian president-elect who cancelled the former agreements concerning Cuban physicians illustrates a very important lesson for us all: One "president" (no matter in what country) is insufficient to provide the best governance.
    The ancient Romans had it right. They elected yearly two (2) counsels to head up the Roman Empire. A yearly
    election is hardly necessary in most cases. Having a pair of leaders with shared equal power, I believe, could provide more even, less whimsical governance, unless both are despots.

  23. 1st -The governament Cuban called their doctor's back after Bolsonaro propose a medicine test for Cuban doctor's. BRAZIL didn't asked them to go.
    2nd- What kind of democratic mentality defend the Cuban dictatorship and reprobate the Brazilian position?

  24. Cubans voted for their leader. Saudis didn't. So who are the dictators?

  25. The problem is that the cuban doctors….are not really doctors.
    And these panelists cannot distinguish between a stethoscope and a earphone ( are socialist burocrats that when get sick run fast an far from these " doctors")

  26. The Cuban doctors are hardly slaves; they volunteer for international missions and their pay is much higher than if they stayed at home. And don't forget they all got their medical educations for free courtesy of the Cuban government and people.

  27. Globalist sucking slavery. It is enough, I quit this channel.

  28. I came here faster than starving in Venezuela´s socialism and also Cuba's physicians slavery

  29. Cuba has treated thousands of children victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster even after the fall of the Soviet Union. Cuba has been sending thousands of doctors and medical professionals to serve in the poorest areas of Latin America, Africa and Asia. Whilst rich countries "steal" doctors from these countries. The evidence can be seen in many rich countries' hospitals


  31. This is against international law and it's against the Brazilian Constitution. Slave labour, discrimination on the basis of nationality, a form of donation to the Cuban dictatorship, a way to hire people without having to go through the Brazilian burocracy that national doctors have to go through. This is pathetic. Cuban doctors should not only sue international organizations that allowed this to happen in international courts. They should sue the government of Brazil itself on its own jurisdiction. That would be very fucking fun regardless of the outcome. Please do that! Sue the Brazilian Federal government for disrespecting your constitutional human rights. Maybe take it to the Interamerican Human Rights Court. I'd love to see that.

  32. Freedom for the Cuban doctors! The Brazilian government will issue VISAS for them and their families. Bye bye Castro Regime. Brazil will no longer send 5 billion to Cuba anymore!

  33. Cuban doctors = forced slavery to enrich the Castro's regim.

  34. The main problem here is that there are enough doctors in Brazil but they don’t want to move in to those remote areas, perhaps if there were more insensitive with contingencies they have to stay in those regions for a period of time for instance offering residency for a year or two before they would be eligible to move else where.

  35. Probably with the equivalent training and schooling to be an American butcher. Haha

  36. And i know they have great Doctor in cuba and no question about it

  37. That's what happens when u elect a fucking president like that.

  38. Yay Cuba for standing up to Bolarnaro.

  39. Obviously these numerous Cuban doctors were trained to serve abroad, and many took this profession to escape from Communist Cuba.

  40. The Cubans don't work with facist governments. I find this information very interesting. I live in Venezuela where we have hundreds of Cuban doctors and Cuban dentists. My heart breaks for these awesome Cuban doctors, dentists and nurses.
    I wish them the best. Thank you for your awesome service here in Venezuela 🇻🇪.

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