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Why China is Building Empty Cities

Why China is Building Empty Cities

Why China is Building Empty Cities | Places
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Why Is London Filled With Empty Homes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8XyavKqZr4&

In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Why is China building empty cities?
What are the ghost towns in China?
Who builds ghost towns in China?
Why don’t people live in China’s empty cities?
Who owns China’s ghost towns?
Who lives in China’s ghost towns?
Why is China filled with empty cities?
How hard is it to buy an appartment in China?
How expensive is it to live in China?

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  1. Hey Aluxers, what would it take for you to move in a ghost town?
    Make sure to join http://www.alux.com
    Why Is London Filled With Empty Homes
    : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8XyavKqZr4&

  2. The US does the same thing, just not on a “city” scale. Home builders build neighborhoods near jobs and industry, and people move there.

  3. It is not a bubble if it becomes free or heavily subsidized or with negative interest rate. China is trying to make itself to be the supercity of the world. Everyone are either a bubble or desolate anarchy now. Shenzen used to be ghost city, it's not ghost city now.

    Better bubble in real asset and industrial capacity than bubble in speculative non-existent "muh stock" and "muh cash flow" or "muh bond" or "muh shares" or "muh digital coins" or "muh virtual reality" or "muh credit".

  4. CHINA is an amazing country. I just wish the racism wasn't so bad there. I'm black. I went to China when I was younger. It was quite an interesting experience. Scratch my cheek if you want to visit China!

  5. No I am purchasing ghost city in China actually it is own by govt

  6. whenever I watch any docuseries, docushort or anything just informational about China it always seems like a miserable place to live.

  7. Listen to the new, go with the new. I know you are afraid. In spite of the fear, go with the new, and your life will become richer and richer and you will be able one day to release your imprisoned splendor. Osho

  8. We don’t have ghost cities in The Philippines 🇵🇭 – we only have ghost 👻 employees in the government!!!:-(

  9. Zungeru (in present day Niger State of Nigeria) is a ghost city in Nigeria.

    It was once the capital of Northern Nigeria during colonial times and is now a shadow of itself filled with ruins of government buildings. Capital of Northern Nigeria afterwards moved to Kaduna which is present day 6th or 7th largest city in Nigeria as government presence brought about economic development through industry and commerce.

    Zungeru is the only ghost city I'm aware of in Nigeria.

  10. How come the video is about China , and most of footages are from Hong Kong ? I know Hong Kong now belongs to China, but still can't represent or have any similarities to Mainland China.. Why not use footages from Pudong and Shenzhen? Why not use Footages from Mainland China? Hong Kong is way too crowded to represent as a empty city. I hope some Hong Kong people won't mind, because they don't think Hong Kong is like China. It just a kind opinion to Alux TV, I would suggest Alux to change footages. Thanks.

  11. 6 ads on 10 minutes. Alux is banking. Click the links and don't skip to support Alux 👍

  12. No not in Jamaica for jamaica u can make alot of Rental property and more

  13. China is a big game, but with the government and the commonest party in charge, it not safe, I was there few years ago. If you have investment in other places and you can put 10% in china, and ready to handle the risk of losing it all, go for it, but if you are small, or just at the beginning of your journey, there is many safer options.

  14. China is doing rights.. They have big population soon poor will became middle class then they need move to urban areas.. On the other hand India city are not developing… In India only 2~3 city are generating good revenue like Mumbai, Delhi, bangalore. Etc…..but in china with in 20 years many new city are created

  15. China population soon start decreasing they are using their man power… Once infrastructure is created then it will remains for years…. Many Chinese need low cost house these ghost city will be better option….

  16. Property taxes… Ohhn wow o get it now lol

  17. Why happens to real-estate developer when they can't sell.

  18. Poor research. Misleading.

  19. Why China is Building Empty Cities
    Because they are spending others people money?

  20. A replica of paris not occupied?

    German marching in backround

  21. I have TOR Created by a US Navy Communication Specialist,

  22. Chinese are smart but not as smart as Indians.😉

  23. No ghost cities here in the Philippines, only ghost employees.. hahaha

  24. Refugee sites for humans after the aliens arrive. Paris for the French who would not accept anywhere else.

  25. All empty apts can house 4.5 billion Chinese people. The way to jack up GDP! And you can go back to a bank to borrow more.

  26. Taiwan passport name is Republic of China ,Visa-free countries have111,we are freedom and democracy,welcome to taiwan

  27. China has a population of 1.4 billion, and houses built in China can accommodate 2 billion people.(In addition, Hong Kong and Taiwan are both Chinese territory.)

  28. Why does the narrator talk like that? Hella drawn out…lol.

  29. My country is a ghost on its own

  30. I was the 33# to press the 👎 button

  31. Humanity needs to go back to living in the country

  32. You plan on visiting China?

  33. Yes depending where it is and what is the long term plan for that city! Buying a loft when it's a ghost for 500 K imagine 10-15 years if the city turns into Shenzen… it's probably worth close to 5-10M! And in Canada, all the Ghost cities we have are due to closed mines!

  34. Well there isn’t enough where I come from

  35. Yes we do have a ghost city called Dholera in Gujarat …it is under construction but….. A alarming concern is also present over that place bcoz Maharashtrian people might not occupy that one and gujrat don't have that much rich population to buy homes

  36. China is imperialist. And your business is majority owned by the Chinese government. No thanks.

  37. I really hate the fact that you guys keep showing Hong Kong, when Hong Kong is still technically separate from China and has it's own government and rules. So many channels do this on YouTube and it's annoying…

  38. Yes, I would like to be an early resident of a ghost city. Less people would be heaven for me.

  39. Sure.. use a VPN in mainland China and have the ccp agents knocking on your door.

  40. Another Awesome video Thanks Much Love ❤❤❤

  41. Chinese are smart. These ghost cities can be filled up easily by moving factories and work around them as was mentioned in the video.
    Optionally these can be useful when the seaside cities will be flooded cause of the predicted climate change in the upcoming decades.
    Last but not least it may work well as "backup" cities when one of the crazy leader may push the magic red atom button…

  42. Life hack : play at 1.5x speed

  43. I think its brilliant move by China if sun is not going to eat the earth. Why cuz in future there will no raw material or high price real estate Hugh population and will be tough market so their government is makin china ready for the future.

  44. Following from Kenya. Alux is home.

  45. They’re testing if they can actually produce a building that doesn’t collapse like those in their populated areas….

  46. Given the state of the global economy, wouldn't it cost less to build the cities now, in the anticipation of a growing population, than to build later? If you look at real estate prices and building costs over the last 20 years, prices have risen almost everywhere. I haven't seen prices in that industry return to the prices of 20 years ago, anywhere. As of today, in China, their decision seems to be a smart longterm strategy.

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