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Why Do These Women Stretch Their Necks? | National Geographic

Starting at an early age, women of the Padaung tribe wear a coil of brass rings around their necks. This collar, and the elongated appearance it gives their necks over time, are Padaung symbols they wear proudly. In their native Myanmar, Padaung people often faced persecution over these visible tribal symbols. Now, having relocated to a Thailand refugee camp, these Padaung women continue this centuries-old custom, memorializing the struggles of the past and maintaining a link to their tribe’s history.
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Why Do These Women Stretch Their Necks? | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Oh well. I can't hate on something I don't know about sooo.. Hi

  2. No more odd then what those inbred freaks in Africa do.

  3. So…..they want to be giraffes?

  4. Why do these people want to look like Candice from Phineas and ferb

  5. Padang tribe the long-necked women were seen on Ripley’s believe it or not.

  6. I need this to make my legs longer

  7. Ahhh that doesn't look normal.

  8. They use this for beheading protection.

  9. they have a weird civilization

  10. How do they sleep with the brass

  11. What does it feel to have it right I will be crying like crazy but I wonder?

  12. Just be born with a giraffe neck, no need for painful af neck shackles

  13. Title why do women streach the neks . To reach the yogurt in the pantery

  14. Sometimes I feel I am lucky to be born in India

  15. This coil should banned forever, so
    Sad for the women and little girls. It seemed very uncomfortable.

  16. they tried to prove that Darwin Theory about Giraffe is wrong.

  17. Title: why do these women stretch their necks

    Answer: these women stretch their necks…….

  18. well thankfully we have some painful customs like Sati removed in my country. In case of painful customs as such there much be a choice whether an individual of the tribe wants to follow it or not.People can't do like "Jump..! Its a part of who u are". Because technically there wouldn't be any part of her left once she jumps in the fire as in case of Sati. U can always follow the other (painless ones) and still preserve ur identity.

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