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Why Health and Wellness is the Fashion Industry's Biggest New Competitor | #BoFVOICES

“Feeling good is the new looking good.” That was the mantra in the air on December 3, as entrepreneurs from the fields of health and wellness — including Jason Wachob, Amanda Chantal Bacon, Dr. Nigma Talib and Neil Grimmer. VOICES is BoF’s new annual gathering for big thinkers in partnership with QIC Global Real Estate. https://www.qicgre.com

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  1. This interview is joke : what’s is one thing wellness contributing to the world ? Amanda : raise the con. ??? Really ?? Selling Dirt in jars ? Fake ppl fake answers.. cashing in on delusion

  2. Dr. Nigma knows what she's talking about. On the other hand Amanda Chantal Bacon seems uninformed, the fashion industry isn't based on "love" but exploitation, materialism and capitalism.

  3. World ki best opportunity Proyoung international wellness products gud result gud payout all over India doctor engineer any person. Full details call/WhatsApp 9982895273

  4. This guy is clumsy not put together why we are talking about health and fashion ?

  5. Does anybody know which brand/designer made that yellow dress that Amanda Chantal is wearing?

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