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Why is China separating Uighur Muslim families? | The Stream

There are credible reports, according to the United Nations, that a million or more Uighur Muslims are being held in what amount to internment camps in China. And now, increasingly, their families are speaking out.

Many say their family members have been imprisoned indefinitely in facilities the government refers to as “re-education camps” necessary for fighting what it calls religious “extremism”.

Gulchehra Hoja, a journalist for Radio Free Asia’s Uighur Service, believes her coverage of China’s alleged surveillance and repression of Muslims is one of the reasons why at least 20 of her relatives have been seized by the government.

In this episode, Gulchehra Hoja joins other Uighur panelists to discuss the alleged crackdown on their community and explain the toll it has taken on their families.

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  1. Pakistan agree's with China on this .

  2. Chinese are atheist robots who think they can conquer humans with a soul.

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  7. China is doing good work…
    Muslim cannot live peacefully with other religions people……

  8. Are you curious about China and Xinjiang? Look here, this is the real China, the real Xinjiang. Stay away from false news. It's good for your brain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zSsoTqtlbQ&t=482s

  9. China a human rights violator? Impossible. Squeaky clean track record.

  10. InshaAllah Muslim Will Conquer China

  11. Please take these particular group of people to your country, and issue them green card.

  12. could china be the next site of ethnic unrest ?

  13. Wow, Gulchehra unhappy about Chinese propaganda but she's happy with the propaganda on this reporting just destroys her own credibility. Human engineering, organ harvesting? These are shocking accusations and no credible proof was offered. The only person who gave a unbiased and credible view is the Indian girl of HRW from NY. You can see Gulchehra is motivated to free her family and friends and the other two Uighurs are motivated to separate Xinjiang from China but its not gonna happen like the state of Palestine. Palestinians are systematically wiped out by Israel, their land taken over by Jews but Xinjiang is an Autonomous region of China meaning it has its own local government and has more legislative rights. The Chairman of Xinjiang isn't Han Chinese but an Uighur Shohrat Zakir. So what – he just turns a blind eye to all this bad stuff going on?

  14. India was forced to open border for Sikh minorities after Pakistan initiative
    Now it’s Kashmiris turn to their borders open

  15. i see here many Chinese paid cyber provocateurs but truth shall and will reveal and prevail . freedom for EAST TURKESTAN and any other nation oppressed under Sino tyranny.

  16. Crazy to think we once conquered all these fucks and they feared us.

  17. China have got the right idea.. they don’t just persecute muslims, all faiths suffer. Islam needs to be stopped.

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    Damn I must accept that China is truly a Powerful country they own these Countries.

  23. Xinjiang is Chinese territory, plz read history. That land was under Qing’s rule and there was a established provincial government under ROC. Don’t BS about Eastern Turkistan. The Final Solution is closing in and when it’s done, the so-called Uyghur history will end for good. The Uyghur will become of a myth to the new world.

  24. We're living in a very complicated era ,many things are miss placed and many people miss leaded ,on this subject : on one side the uighurs are trying to say this is a Muslim communist thing and that China is fighting against Islam,but in 21th century when you design a new flag for a minority inside a developed and powerful country it means declaring war and therefore you can't win war with protests and flags and rallies,at this point some radical Islamic groups approach them with some mone ,support and ideological boosters which in some cases end up as suicide bombers and shooting attacks,but worst thing that can happen to a Chinese uighur Muslim is him getting brainwashed so much that he feels that uighur Turks or uighur Muslims are so much oppressed and under pressure and isolated that he needs to fight back in Syria joining Isis,
    Yes that's how there were many Chinese killed in Syria and Iraq, there were kazakhs,Uzbeks,Chechens and many more,in 21th century people on this planet are more stupid than they have ever been, so if you have a problem with the Chinese government fuckin stay there and fight China instead of fighting Asad in Syria 😂😂

  25. That woman did not wear head scarf, nijab in her photos back in Xinjiang. She is wearing it now. Clearly she is turning more radical. CCP is doing a good job suppressing these people and keeping the majority of Uighurs secular.

  26. Calling the CIA funded Free Asia the good media? What a joke!

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