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Why is Trump on pardoning spree before 2020 presidential election?

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano says he supports President Trump’s decisions to commute former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s prison sentence and pardon financier Michael Milken and former New York Police Department Commissioner Bernard Kerik.

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  1. A criminal Scumbag connecting to his criminal Scumbag base. Nothing complex about Trump. or his grade school dropout base.

  2. On instagram search : art_by_uncle60.oilpaints

  3. Insider Trading is a Crime Jerk Off

  4. Because Trump is getting ready to pardon Roger Stone. New rule: corrupt rich men don't go to jail.

  5. No harm no foul. I lie cheat and steal from people that do business with. We the people are cool with that…

  6. So much for the Republicans being the law and order party. Now they are nothing more than a criminal organization controlled by a pathological lying dictator. Trumps day in court will come and if there is true justice he will be thrown in prison.

  7. Lockheed martin deepstate

  8. Retribution is not the right word for what's going one now, vindictiveness is. Retribution is a response to wrong doing, vindictiveness is about punishing those you don't like.

  9. because he wants his corrupt army to help him more than they already do

  10. THERE'S NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT…simple and true…

  11. He should pardon the Journalists that Obama had imprisoned for doing investigative coverage.

  12. Any republican who thinks this is acceptable is a fake conservative.

  13. Crooks have each others back.

  14. Because he loves to pardon criminals why else .😀

  15. Judge piece of 💩 never Trumper..

  16. Because he is confident that he will win the next election and some of these people will prove to be an asset to 🇺🇸. I am confident they he will win and make this country 💪 than ever. Listen donald trump is a dam 👍 president that knows how to get the job done. These guys have served their time and can now can be useful for 🇺🇸 give them a chance. If we dont stand up and support our leaders 🇺🇸 dont stand a chance of ever being 👍 again. Trump i say to you do the dam thang some of us are behind you. God bless 🇺🇸.

  17. Well so much for Judge Napolitano showing good sense. I'm guessing that the folks duped by Milken are thrilled about this.

  18. President Trump is righting, the injustices that the Crooked DOJ, FBI, CIA, and Democrats have done. TRUMP 2020🦅

  19. He's making federal crimes & corruption great again. Especially the ones he and his friends and cronies commit.

  20. It’s all for The Dog & Toady Show: Putin’s Poodle & Disbar the Sycophant

  21. The first time I ever agreed with Eddie Munster

  22. "Palpable harm" has nothing to do with whether they should be charged or not or whether they're guilty

  23. What I find dumb is that people think k him doing this is illegal. But I tell them that his power to do this is part of the checks and balances out government has. But they still call me a idiot and I say ok be stupid

  24. Trump PARDONED (not commuted) a murderer. No other president has done that.

  25. Trump is the best president ever, i agree with almost everything he did. What did i not agree with ! Glad you asked, i did not agree with him not punching Omar in the face when he got the chance.

  26. AND pres.T now buys votes very easy and simple, by pardoning these people, who have at least a lot of dirt on their hands. They now owe him a debt.

  27. AND pres.T now buys votes very easy and simple, by pardoning these people, who have at least a lot of dirt on their hands. They now owe him a debt.

  28. Remember… No victim no crime… Other than that.. You signed up for them to have jurisdiction as a 14th amendment citizen and you submit to their control.. Evidence.. Hmmm let's try your "driver's license".. Why do you need a drivers license to take your kids to school or to go to the store or just to go to work? Unless you get paid to drive you do not need a drivers license… It gives them not only more orlf your "money" lol… But power over "your" property… Lol

  29. People are praising a immature dividing man in the oval office like he's the example of a leader smh

  30. maybe Trump is turning LIBERAL!

  31. he is feeling guilty about getting away with the impeachment….so…. he wants to “ pay it forward” by pardoning other criminals

  32. We love president Trump, best president ever period.

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