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Why Philippines is building military base near Taiwan

The Philippines is building its first military base on Y’Ami Island on the northernmost tip of the country.
Taiwan is just 80 kilometres away from the uninhabited island, also known as Mavulis Island.
Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from Mavulis Island, Philippines.

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  1. Wrng translation on what the fisherman said. Lol this channel is fraud.

  2. Goosebumps my kababayan!! Protect our territory.

  3. Good in preventing someone entering your country but bad in preventing they own people from illigaly enter neigbhor country…just look how many illigal filipinos immigrants came to malaysia looking for food…have you ever heard of malaysian illigal immigrants in the phillipine..have you?

  4. We have the Inherent Rights and Responsibility to protect our Eternal Territories. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  5. Put 10 m2 brownings,make a base inside the mountain then, send 2 warships for protecting the island and put anti air guns or missiles

  6. What do you say? We are frienda with taiwan and dont even want to have war with them…just because their are reports of bullying thats why they do that…

  7. Today is the Philippine's Independence day. It was reported today Chinese vessel collided with a small Filipino fishing boat. Chinese just left them and did nothing. Vietnamese came into rescue.

  8. Mainstream media on the philippines ignoring this good news… Ggwp

  9. Its our right to defend and protect what is ours. Great job to all.

  10. We're also protecting the Benham Rise .. for sure

  11. We Filipinos are making sure that no one snitch on us Again!

  12. Put up a surface to ground and air missile. Naval base for submarines and frigate.

  13. I am happy for Phillipines hope our trade becomes better from Bangladesh.

  14. You know what filipino can take everything that you throw but we will strive. If you really provoke us??? Its do or die. Thats what pilipino's are. Remember that china!

  15. You know what i dont like china is taking advantage on our country even businesses etc. while we dont. We just defend our territory so pls china go away.

  16. Thats a good idea to be ahead and ready because this giant China has plan of taking over Taiwan.

  17. Military base? Omg

    The budget of it would steal by devils evils demons greedy theif corrupt filipino politicians

    So sad for all filipinos

  18. Security towers must also be placed around it plus a regiment of our Marines and Amphibian tanks as well..

  19. Protect our territories at all coast….😠

  20. Very good !!! I hope our law makers will pass a law to identify a FIX percentage of the annual budget to be used in upgrading, building and developing our military capabilities.

  21. How come we never see this in our main stream media?!

  22. Needs to be a Base with 20000 troops. keep china away

  23. We could help China invade taiwan

  24. Military builds fishermen's shelter at pH north!

  25. good job government military in the philippines under Du30 administration,

  26. They can not feed their own why build such a thing?

  27. Wow i love my country good job God Bless Philippines…

  28. CORRECTION: West Philippine Sea

  29. HEY! Aljazeera on 1:50 translations was strongly wrong. The man stated β€œbefore there’s no man living on this island”. And to think that, the one who narrates/translates the passages is a filipino because of his accent. Please explain… thank you.

  30. If marcos was president that will be a powerful defensive outpost

  31. This is good πŸ‘Glad Duterte administration doing this to protect what's for Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  32. Great pushback against Chinese illegal expansion.

  33. Because the chinese is stealing our undefended islands(fact). Thats why under the Duterte Administration our goverment is starting to garrison those inhabited islands. What can we expect the Communist Chinese with the military might.

  34. Good job Ph Navy πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  35. Sa wakas natauhan din.. dapat eto ung mga inu-una natin.. ung palawakin at palakasin ang ating mga hukbo.. pag secured ang bansa dyan na mas maraming papasok na mga investor.. oo may mga investor na tyo.. pero imagine nyo kung mataas ang seguridad sa bansa baka doble o triple pa ung dumating.. dba?

  36. this is how stupid media is, that is not a Military base, that is an Outpost for military personnel and fishermans, A Base is definitely different from just an Outpost!!!

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