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Why Rich Russian & Chinese Pregnant Women Travel to the US to give Birth

Why Rich Russian & Chinese Pregnant Women Travel to the US to give Birth

Why Rich Russian & Chinese Pregnant Women Travel to the US to give Birth | Places
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What is birth tourism?
Is birth tourism legal?
Why do rich people travel to US to give birth?
How does birth tourism work?
How much does birth tourism work?
How big is birth tourism?
Are there any services dedicated to birth tourism?
Why do people choose US to give birth?
What are the most commong birth tourism destinations?

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  1. Hey Aluxers, do you think birth tourism should be legal?
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    : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0-jXSU7KCk

  2. show me a country that's not infested by chinx , and show me a country that's loaded with russian

  3. The parents should have to stay here at least 4 years on a student or work visa before a child born here is granted automatic citizenship if neither parent is a citizen to end the practice of birth tourism.

  4. "Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."– Conrad Hilton

  5. The earth is mine so I can settle wherever I want.

  6. This is nothing new. The Chinese have been doing this for years. Its actually very clandestine in nature.

  7. USA and Canada should learn from asian countries like the imperial middle east, malaysia, thailand, etc. these countries don't offer citizenship to foreigners and have a strict process of work visa that must be regularly renewed to stay. the citizens get perks that the average joe doesn't get. I feel like Canada does way too much for those who come to canada to stay on welfare or disability as opposed to the hardworking folks who are scraping by.

  8. It should be illegal to use your baby as a citizenship pass. Honestly.

  9. so their children become american citizens too

  10. Two non-American citizens should not be able to produce an American citizen. This needs to stop.

  11. I like the video! The subject is interesting… but the music was a little bit dull and kinda put me to sleep. But I watch till the end cuz on this topic I never hear anything about it till now. So thanx Alux!!! xoxo

  12. birthright citizenship is bullshit, if you wanna immigrate to America, earn it

  13. Lol. That 14th Amendment was for Former American Slaves. However, immigrants benefitted The Most.

  14. Is it even fruitful for Indians ?

  15. Link me up with a suitable agency, preferably in Canada. thank you Alux

  16. In India some look at the bigger picture of being the citizen of the cosmos .As you represent your country it becomes your identity worldwide and your intellect and memory work in that direction for its welfare . What is the cause of a conflict between countries is ideology and identity ,if we make that concept of identity universal then we will be the most progressive species in the entire cosmos.

  17. Alux doing a Birth Tourism commercial.

  18. Its questionable and a bit hypocritical

  19. Then get cheated on ,by a woman from America 🤣🙏🏼

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