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Why Science Says It's Good for Kids to Lie | National Geographic

Why Science Says It's Good for Kids to Lie | National Geographic

While parents often find their children’s lies troubling—for they signal the beginning of a loss of innocence—Kang Lee, a psychologist at the University of Toronto, sees the emergence of the behavior in toddlers as a reassuring sign that their cognitive growth is on track. What drives the increase in lying sophistication is the development of a child’s ability to put himself or herself in someone else’s shoes. Known as theory of mind, this is the facility we acquire for understanding the beliefs, intentions, and knowledge of others. Also fundamental to lying is the brain’s executive function: the abilities required for planning, attention, and self-control. The two-year-olds who lied in Lee’s experiments performed better on tests of theory of mind and executive function than those who didn’t. Even at 16, kids who were proficient liars outperformed poor liars.
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This video is a part of the June 2017 National Geographic Magazine story, “Why We Lie” which you can read here: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2017/06/lying-hoax-false-fibs-science/

Why Science Says It’s Good for Kids to Lie | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Why do satanists run everything? How do we accept it? Where are the men ?

  2. 1:52 so.. everything I know is a lie? 🤓

  3. yeah cause sociopaths is what we aspire to be. Screw you Nat Geo. Scum.

  4. "A liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth." -Aesop

  5. It's good for them to lie so we can beat them with a belt as punishment.

  6. Integrity gents. Lieing is wrong and dishonorable

  7. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar.

  8. I am a child, and I find it disturbing that I should be lying.

  9. I think I see the camera in 2:56

  10. People say they appreciate honesty, but that is a lie.

  11. What about SARCASM? Is SARCASM in kids good or bad? If a kid is sarcastic or makes a comeback to someone who teases them. If a kid knows this at a young age, is this healthy?

  12. I lie so much that I always need a fire extinguisher nearby to put out my pants-on-fire.

  13. Must be the next step in the leftist's plan of destruction of civilizations. First they go after families, then hard workers, then patriots, then children. Luckily America elected Trump to stop this but the rest of the world, not so sure, they can't even stop their people from using children as suicide bombs

  14. Lieing is a sin and makes a liar unclean!!! Darkness=Lies Any problem that comes up in any realm we enter stems from LIES!!! EVERY PROBLEM EVER EXSISTED OR WILL SURFACE ROOT CAUSE IS LIES DARKNESS STUPIDITY IGNORANCE~!~ Worst lie ever is when we lie to ourselves and do not even know we are lieing to ourselves!!! SO WE ARE TO PROMOTE OUR KIDS TO LIE???? We begin lieing to our kids about Santa Claus and then either our kids find out from their parents or more often from other kids or adults that their parents have lied to them!!! iT Is a DIVINE COMEDY and this comedy is soon to be over with!!! Lie to yourself or not~~~Light=truth=life Lies=darkness=death Becoming enlightend will be the difference between life and death in very near future~~~TIME IS SHORT FOR LIARS THANK GOD!!!

  15. the girl on the left looks like spawn of satan

  16. Now they're trying convince people that's it's good for children and people to lie, these saturnalians are completely out of control, filthy luciferian devil worshippers cloaking themselves in science need to be exposed for the evil they are and stopped in their tracks

  17. Never trust "science". Science always changes, as it should.

  18. Here is a fun idea, but be warned that my idea is rather radical. Still here? AWESOME! Instead of encouraging lying why don't we encourage kids to use their creative potential to write, draw, and create vast works that puts their IMAGINATIONS to good use. I know this is a crazy idea but you get a similar result with more positive consequences. People lie all the time but they seldom create beauty.

  19. There is a difference in lying and not hurting others feelings. That said, I may question some of the commentaries. Survival instincts are one thing; having them applied to all situations is anther. science is just that. Here lately, I starting to question National Geographic: The new program "Year Million." Simple put… LAME and very unscientific. Scientists should not go around saying something like, "The rest are stupid if we do not agree with them on future speculations." That is not science. I feel a bit of that in this video. It is to the point, some science groups are just as bad as radical politicians. These scientists just need to do their jobs and let the facts speak for themselves. A.I. right now is not intelligent than a cockroach. If we keep having politicians like Trump and friends, we will never see A.I. smarter than he.

  20. Lying results from intelligence and imagination. No need to call up the scientist for this .

  21. the kid cant act… i hate script actors

  22. Unreliable experiment data: bad acting and poorly hidden camera.

  23. While the religious scriptures state that it is a sin to lie, there is a legitimate way of not telling the truth by telling another truth (a sort of distraction technique) which forms a wrong impression (illusion of understanding) in the listener's mind. This skill is far more complex than lying.

    In Ukraine, for example, where the culture requires one to be far more straightforward than in the USA, people lie far less (except when they fill in tax returns) than in the USA where one is supposed to be "polite" in a weird, politically correct way. The more artificial and restrictive are the notions of correctness, the more people will tend to lie.

  24. This video is so unethical. It's promoting kids eating candy at a young age!

  25. A world where nobody is capable of telling a lie, now i need to watch the movie 'The Invention of Lying' again lol

  26. This video itself, IS A LIE.

  27. i don't lie, i tell the truth, people exploit me for this. You can all yiff in hell, stop lying to me.

  28. anyway possible to push the people away from God huh. every liar will find themselves in hell. unless they turn from their ways. they can only be turned by the grace of God. he does not lie and we should be like him. Isaiah 17 Ezekiel 38.. it's not good to lie or report falsely about one's neighbor!! stop indoctrinating our children with your bull!!!! all menkind will perish soon. and you will be judged harshly for how you have lied to many people. believe that!!!!!

  29. my little 7 old sister lies a lot! I'm happy to find out it's a sign of maturity..

  30. I use to lie a lot as a kid, problems got bad that the police got involved with the lies I've told.

  31. are you fucking kidding me

  32. This is total bullshit! Childs are very receptive if they are teached this bullshit then this will be stored in their subconcious mind for the rest of their life.

  33. My mother told me if I kept lying about were-dogs in the backyard that nobody would ever believe me. They got her a few weeks later. RIP, but she was right. Nobody will believe this.

  34. okey great but how do i know this video is not a lie?

  35. cool,But how my Girlfriend gets my lies all the time ?umm ?

  36. 90 % truth is acceptable for emotional beings.

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