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Why Selena Gomez Is Finally Sober After Rehab | Hollywoodlife

Why Selena Gomez Is Finally Sober After Rehab | Hollywoodlife

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may be over but at least she has re-united with Taylor Swift. Plus, Selena is working hard on being sober after her rehab stint.

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Have you watched Selena Gomez surprise Taylor Swift, 28, fans at her LA show on Saturday, May 19, yet?! It was an unforgettable moment followed by some amazing words from Sel to her friend. And now she’s doing it again! The 25-year-old just shared an incredible photo of herself and Tay Tay backstage after her show with this sweet caption: “I’m grateful for those I surround myself with. And this woman right here happens to be one of my favorites. Love our tradition and I love you.” Wow!

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Why Selena Gomez Is Finally Sober After Rehab | Hollywoodlife

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  1. Oh god.! I just need updates abt JUSTIN BIEBER it's been so mny days I've heard something abt him

  2. Lucky to have Taylor… Selena,

  3. Late ugghhh sorry but ily ali

  4. Do you get paid to do this? You need a raise. So funny and entertaining.

  5. fuck selena why is this "daily bieber"

  6. She could be dreaming pregnant 😭

  7. Since when did Selena have a drinking problem?

  8. who cares about selala it’s DAILY BIEBER

  9. She hasn't been with Justin in a while .. I could understand her going back to what shes familiar with after surgey and things going on in her life., hes basically her high school friend/love, . But to go back to an old (kind of rocky) relationship expecting marriage right away is …strange. Regardless of what shes been through you cant expect sometime to suddenly want to marry you or step up their game to save you from yourself. I landed in the hospital and assumed my "partner" would step up and help me get through all that I was dealing with emotionally and physically. I kind of assumed this was his chance to show we are partners. Not me taking care of him all the time. Nope. He was just as selfish as ever if not more. It was wrong of me to have expectations but i was so scared and felt so alone with what I was going through .. I was disappointed. Knights in shining armour are rare.

  10. Justin is recharging his self to hit back the road with new music

  11. the thumbnail should be justin not that selena

  12. He plans to be single for the whole summer…..
    Omfg… S H O C K I N G

  13. Just want to know what he did to her why she can't get over him!! He might has magic pe@$is

  14. nice try at selena's attempt at boosting up her career before she becomes irrelevant trying to get married and have babies to prop up her instagram. Justin's not dumb, marriage is a failing contract with over 50% failure rate. He's only now starting to live a real life and having time for himself he never had as a kid. Selena won't age well (personnality and appearance wise). Only proof to know that she's in a bad place is her reuniting with a snake control freak manipulating media and her loved ones just not to look at her own inner issues. celebrities are so flawed and they can't even see it but they only have "yes men" around them all day in their team so they can never know. having a drinking problem is usually only the tip of the iceberg.

  15. I think y’all have it wrong I think if selena wanted to have kids Justin would completely do it since he loves her so much. I hope she finds happiness

  16. selena is cancelled bc she broke abel’s heart

  17. Selena reminds me of a young Marie Osmond

  18. Selena had a drinking problem???

  19. What happened to Selena's face is so swollen? Must be a bad reaction to her new kidney maybe? Her face is not pretty as It used to be..,that face is so swollen that even her eyes are deep hidden now

  20. Selena, Taylor and Justin have NO idea what LOVE is….

  21. Jelena will unite one day ! Her family is the one that ruined it this time !

  22. So glad for my queen, keep slayingggg

  23. Please bring back times when they talked about JUSTIN BIEBER on daily bieber and not Selena gomez 😂😂😭😭

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