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Why Selena Gomez Privated Her Instagram

Why Selena Gomez Privated Her Instagram

Selena Gomez privated her Instagram. Plus – Justin Bieber is asked if he’ll propose to Selena Gomez and gives an amazing reaction.

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  1. Oh God COME BACK FOR YOUR WORLD 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  2. But selena and Justin doesn't follow each other on ig no more ?

  3. You never buy rights to put videos or pics up BUT you have the BEST sources. Amazingly stupid….

  4. 😂😂 "some time alone" if Justin said that … you were all going to judge him, but it's poor selena that's alright!

  5. Oh barf Selena u dont need at all he's bad news and no good any more fined someone els that will make u happy and its not going to be jb he's not worth it that picrs of trash

  6. You love JB he will change
    Beause he love u he need u like u need him

  7. Slutena Gohell is retard!! She just want attention.. This is the way to promote her new irrelevant movie!! Go hard whore..

  8. Her acount is not privé anymore

  9. Completely agree about the hair 😂😂

  10. The comments getting mad at her for thinking Justin’s hair looked funny make my day

  11. you are favorite Selena😔Now I can't see your new pics😔

  12. She didn’t privated her account🤨

  13. Justin looks like a creepy serial killer role for a movie. Like dahmer or talented Mr ripley. pretty scary if u ask me. Watever makes him happy.

  14. It's not private anymore

  15. Why would I want to make you happy? Lol

  16. You guys a bull shit she did not private her instagram

  17. She didnt even private her instagram lol

  18. first of all shes fucked up for talking shit bout his hair … i mean yeah its not styled but its not he cares

  19. Who loves her more than pizza 🍕 😂??

  20. How is this daily Bieber if the video is about Selena?

  21. "Justin feels.. Justin thinks… Selena thinks" lol how do you guys know what they think and feel? 🤣

  22. Her account is public again ssss

  23. I accidentally unfollowed her.when she will make her account public 🙄🙄😢😢😢😢😢

  24. What do u mean by instead of this reaction.??…. He is changed he is gentle and humble person…. It was his worst past.. Don't judge him on that…. He is better person now

  25. Thank God I have been following Selena since the beginning lol

  26. Wow she private her instagram like really thou

  27. is she a fucking retard, 100 million+ people already follow her like what lol

  28. thank god i followed her b4

  29. I️ can’t even watch this vid due to the improper English. Privated? Really.

  30. She's getting dragged for her loud playback performance, dragged for winning an award that some other people should have gotten,dragged bc she's back with an asshole fuckboy, dragged for working with an accused rapist and now she's going to be dragged for being mad at a damn teddy bear 😂 . What the hell is going on with her.

  31. how do they know they facetime and text Lmao

  32. Justin is so cute when he blush 💗

  33. U don't know why bc she didn't tell anyone

  34. Everyone is going to know all her business anyway..😏

  35. Maybe she privated her account because of the weekend not of Justin

  36. Really? It's just a freaking teddy bear🙄

  37. thank god i'm following her for a long time before she pivated her instagram <3

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