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Why Ukraine Is Offering 16% Interest Rates

Why Ukraine Is Offering 16% Interest Rates

Why Ukraine Is Offering 16% Interest Rates | Places
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What’s happening in Ukraine?
Who runs Ukraine?
Who is the president of Ukraine?
How is Ukraine tied to Russia?
Is Russia controling Ukraine?
What happened to Ukraine’s financial sector?
What happened to Ukraine’s banks?
Why does Ukraine have such high interest rates?
Is it worth investing in Ukraine?
What happened in Crimea?
How is Russia influencing Ukraine?
Who is Volodymyr Zelensky?

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  1. Hey Aluxers, do you think Ukraine has any chance of getting closer to the EU?
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    Why Estonia Is The Country Of The FUTURE
    : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY9IY4truW8&

  2. This is so similar to Kashmir

  3. My home country,
    has pretty high interest rate

    moreover if introduced to the world properly it has plenty of potential.


  4. Ukraine's banks are volatile… you could lose all your investments in their shitty banks
    heck the best bank in their country needed a bailout a couple of years back

  5. 0:43 you showed Ukraine 🇺🇦 without Odessa🤦‍♂️


  7. A country that is beginning to grow is Ukraine's neighbor, Romania

  8. which is worlds most expensive shampoo and what is its price, can u make video upon it plzzzz

  9. Egypt is offering 20% platinum certificates, make sure you address that??!

  10. In Egypt the interest rate is 15% for the currency of the Egyptian Pound.

  11. Because they're a shithole country.

    There you go. Saved you all some time!

  12. 0.3% and I think our economy sucks big balls in hell (If someone takes out the biggest company in my country it would be a catastrophy of epic propertions) so I would rate my country's attractiveness as a superb 0

  13. Disappointed. This is very zionist !

  14. I use daily Monobank card and on the 27th of May, they announced that they have 1 000 000 clients. Weekly register more than 20 000 clients. I also have an account in ING Spain and N26 but Monobank mobile app has more functionality and more security options. 5 hours ago Monobank notified about rates changes and for 12 months is 18% but as mentioned @sashalivesinengland this rates is for local currency (UAH). In another hand, Monobank converts with a very good rate and without commission.

  15. My Ukrainian friends say Ukraine is Western Europe.

  16. As Investment options I'll rate it at 6 out of 10 . I'm from India 😄✌🏻

  17. Hey alux community , if you want the summaries of books go check out productivity game they covered all alux recommend books . I can't afford the books right now , but YouTube let's me have the information !!!✌🏻

  18. Aluxers forever ✌🏻✌🏻

  19. I enjoy your videos but the intro bla bla always takes so loooong

  20. Term deposit rate in India is 7-8 % , in united States 2-4 % . just wanted to know if currency is fully convertible in Ukraine labour being cheap, Agro business is best .

  21. i think Egypt gets 6.5 out of 10 as lucrative investment option
    and for the interest rates it is 15.75 on the Egyptian pound and on dollars it is 6%
    and it was 20 % in 2017 on the Egyptian pound
    and right now in Turkey it is 24%

  22. Last point is quite 😎

  23. 13,000 civilians have been killed?? Really?
    During the Russian annexation of Crimea from 23 February through 19 March 2014, six people were killed. The dead included: three protesters (two pro-Russian and one pro-Ukrainian), two soldiers and one Crimean SDF trooper.

    Sorry Alux, but can you please check the facts before uploading.

  24. The maximum interest rate offered here in India are 6%

  25. india , central bank (RBI) repo rate is 5.75%

  26. Can you guys do my country next Jamaica🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲.👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  27. High interest rates are common in 3rd world countries. The problem with it is that it fuels inflation and weakens the country’s economy. If you give a loan to a farmer at a high interest rate like 10%, His produce would have to be significantly more expensive in order to recover the cost of investments as well as the interest, that means more spending on the part of the consumer ( without any real increase in income), thus weakening the value of that income ( inflation) . When it comes to paying out high interest rates on savings, the issue of inflation still comes up. If you pay out really high interest on a certain savings account, you’re simply paying cash without generating the commensurate amount of value for it ( just like a Ponzi scheme ) thereby reducing the value of your currency.

  28. This is site for look video

  29. It`s not a good idea to have a startup in Ukraine… what do you mean?

  30. Scary you have to let them monitor their phone to prove you walked 10000 steps. What else are they going to use it for. I know. Future prediction software to loot the people

  31. WOW Ukraine is a oppurtunity!
    Thanks Alux for showering the knowledge!!
    And WOW 21% for the sport section, thats amazing!!

  32. Rule #1 in the world, you never invest in socialist countries.

  33. In the South Morocco there is a 0% taxes. Not many people know this. Only the rich know this in Morocco.

  34. Here in Lebanon , interest rates on deposits the local currency called Lira or leera are 6 or 7 percent depending on the amount of money …
    On the US dollars , the interests are almost 3 or 4 % …

  35. @Alux.com please do a video about egypt and current events please (15% in egypt, 3% canada lol )

  36. 0,07% interest in the Netherlands

  37. I have read that renewable energy technology is growing fast in Ukraine according to wikipedia …

  38. I'm guessing it's to save its currency from hyperinflating. Paul Volcker did this back in the 80s to stop dollar stagflation

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