Why Weight Loss Is All In Your Head | Drew Manning on Health Theory

Drew Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit sits down with Tom to discuss his 75 pound weight gain and the emotional journey he went through losing it again.

Why most physical transformation efforts fail [0:45] The power of emotional connection with food [2:08] Keys to getting over the emotional hurdle [3:09] Why self-worth is critical for any change [4:14] Big changes as a result of small wins [5:22] A recipe for building your self-worth [8:08] Embracing vulnerability to find self-love [10:36] What it means to be ‘worthy’ of love [15:38] What the fitness industry gets wrong [17:01] Practical tips for nailing a successful mindset [18:25] Why reading shapes who you are [19:34] An experimental approach to diet and exercise [21:57] Why everyone should try keto [25:08] Unexpected benefits of fasting [26:08] Keys to actually changing behavior [30:16] Universal advice for a successful lifestyle [32:03] Teaching kids about health [33:12] One key tip to improve diet and lifestyle [35:26]

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  1. Weight loss doesn't have to be hard. People need to divorce themselves of the idea that intense exercise is good for weight loss. It hardly burns any calories and it's hard when you are fat. It also makes you feel incredibly hungry. What is good for weight loss is calorie restriction. It's fine if you don't like to exercise. Most people don't like exercise. You can lose all the weight you need by simply eating less. Fad diets are also a bad idea and never sustainable. Stick to normal food that you would always eat, but just eat less of it.

  2. YouTube recommendations 2020….

    Me: hears “you are worthy!” 4:18

    *flash back to Thor’s exercising program *

    Coincidence I THINK NOT 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Great content! Good job @Tom bilyeu! You did not curse this episode.

  4. everything was good untill he mencioned the stuped keto diet ..whatr an idiot. i studied nutrition. and this man doesnt undrestand shit about nutrition

  5. Oh my God!! Among all the episodes I've watched, nothing touched me the way this one did!!!! This one really got me realize what I've been doing wrong every time I diet. I think it's the human connections that he'd mentioned what affected me the most. Really thanks @Tom Bilyeu for having this one of a kind extraordinary influencer. And can't thank you enough @Drew Manning for opening up and sharing your experience and thank you for all the explanations you shared. For me, it's a real life changing moment that I'm so grateful for.. God bless you both😊

  6. John 3:16 God so love the world that he gave his one and only son, so that who ever believes and confess that jesus died and raised from the grave. Shall have life abundantly, he loves everyone but our sins make us feel like we're not loved. God loves humanity but hates sin people will always feel empty until they know the true love God has for them. I loved this video it's very inspirational and informative keep posting.

  7. Great interview Drew, you are awesome!

  8. I'm struggling to lose 50 pounds, and just wanna give up. This made me work harder

  9. Work with google to find concerning this diet program “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it). I have lost nearly 12lbs right after adhering to it for 3 weeks, in spite of not improving a lot with my very own diet program or even exercise. I am definitely pumped up about it. I feel it has determined me and also prompted me. .

  10. I think its pretty easy really, dont buy shitfood when youre in the store. If you dont have sugar and shit at home at all you wont go to the store just to buy it.

  11. This guy just copied the Australian guy Paul PJ James

  12. I got fit then I got fat again. Lol

  13. A keto on 35 net carbs a day will still give me the weight loss fat burning effect?

  14. Absolutely loved this episode! Will subscribe for sure 🙂

  15. SO TRUE!!!!! If more people understood what he is saying, I wouldn't be as terrified to go to the gym as an overweight person.

  16. The tips in this video are very well, but I found a shocking way to get even more weight loss! It's: @t

  17. This is the best weight loss video! I'm so grateful i found @t , it helped me not only loose weight but keep it off, hope it helps some others!

  18. That progress bar is pure genius

  19. I loved that show so much. I lost my Dad to obesity, heart attack In front of me. I was devastated and I basically stopped eating and dropped to an unhealthy weight. Now, I’m hypothyroid and 20 lbs overweight and it’s very difficult to lose.

  20. What’s discusting to me is food eating contests—glorifying overeating.

  21. Love when i stumble upon an older video, AT THE RIGHT TIME! I too have a child that i am strict with (eating habits) and what really helped was sharing with him the benefits of these foods i "push". I is tough sending him into a world that is full of junk food, but always a sigh of relief/pride when i hear him turn down those sugary foods/drinks! I get the looks, the comments, the "your depriving him of childhood joys" but i know in the end, he is 1 step ahead on nutrition & health that i had no clue about as a child. I sometimes think how smoother my childhood would have went if i/my parents were this knowledgeable… well at least i have the opportunity to share with my own child, no sense in dwelling. Food has also caused so many problems in the health of many of my family members, i can't wait to dig into this deeper (with empathy).
    Will certainly be watching this over again, thank you!!

  22. It’s not that I don’t know what is healthy and/or not healthy, it’s needing certain food for coping with depression, feeling it’s okay to go ahead and live.

  23. 17:17
    your brain! is a muscle! how do u work it out? CARDIO!

  24. Be vulnerable life is short talk about it! Everything happens for ur greater good

  25. You learn more about how to loose weight the longer you do it and listen to a lot of these videos by different people it really has helped me like one called butter Bob. And Dr FUNG is very good and this guy here and lots other it will encourage you and motivate you to getter done IV lost almost 40 pounds in like 3 months and I want to loose maybe 15 more at the most and I feel great

  26. These guys here won't make it difficult plain and simple

  27. 30:22 Wow I feel caught out like you saw me

  28. Working on your emotional issues first automatically lead to weightloss
    Then physical exercise is just a bonus .

  29. I like affirmations. I can do hard things!

  30. This video made me so emotional

  31. I totally agree with experimenting with your diet. It can be scary to change your eating habits. Diet is such a religion to people. I tried low carb and keto, but they stopped working for me after awhile, and I was getting sick. Then I found plant-based and it totally works for me. My health issues resolved. I lost weight at first, but gained it back. After working with a dietitian and feeling extremely anxious from her recommendations, I realized that it's not my diet that's the problem. It's my psychology. So now I'm working through my self-esteem, core beliefs, and trauma issues and it's helping. I'm being mindful of my food and I'm finally getting to the gym regularly. And I'm doing it because I'm finally recognizing that I'm worth taking care of. I'm doing it to show myself love, not to look good in a bikini. Habits are hard to change, especially mental ones, but it's worth the effort to make life better. Being self-aware is the first step to a brighter future.

  32. Dammit now I want to eat a whole plate of avocados

  33. THATS SOOOO TRUE everything He said!! so POWERFULL!! this for sharing. kisses from BRASIL!!! OBRIGADA!!

  34. Ya real easy to lose weight when you just gained it. Weight you've had for years is a different story

  35. I wish I had discover the “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) years ago. For 3 weeks of making use of the plans, I dropped TWELVE lbs Naturally I work out several times a week, and also eat healthy. The outcome presented to me is astounding. I absolutely recommend the product, wish it works as great for you because it does for me. .

  36. I hope this is genuine. I used to follow Drew, and when he was selling his programs he always used to add "You don't need a psychiatrist" as part of his plans (even after Fit2Fat2Fit), so I stopped following him. It's nice to see he is changing his tone and understanding a complete picture of mental health and how it relates to personal physical health.

  37. Oh my goodness! Shout out from Central America.This so resonated with my spirit this morning. This confirmed my journey as a trainer and chef for over 30 years. Another moment where I am touched by human beings. Much appreciation. 👩🏿‍🌾👩🏿‍🍳🤸🏾‍♀️✨🙏🏾🙌🏾

  38. Is there a way to get everything you need without hurting animals they are suffering no one talks about the victims

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