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Wilbur Ross on China trade: October tariffs are off the table

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross discusses the China trade war, bringing USMCA to the floor and making a deal with the UK.

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  1. Why trade war when you can own US market through there debts anyway.

  2. When the Chinese president says that anybody involved in trying to divide China will have their bodies shattered and their bones grind to dust, he really means it!!! Goes for foreigners as well !!!!!

  3. China breaks promises? Well, I know for a fact that the US reneges all treaties it has signed, but I am yet to know which promise the Chinese has broken recently.
    Intellectual property? China is filing twice as many patents as the US each year. If there is one country that should Make sure that other countries are not stealing its intellectual property, it is China, not USA.
    The policies of the USA towards China is based on lies and blinded by hatred and jealousy. The US is unable to look at things as they are. Because of that, the policies that the US is having towards China are very dangerous to the US itself because they will lead to the rapid decline of the US. The US must stop lying to itself, must stop its hatred and its jealousy towards China. Then, and only then, will the US return to its senses.
    Unlike China, the US is utterly focused in its trade war with China and on a trade deal with China. China, on the other hand, is less tense and is making plans in case of the worst scenario, which is the complete decoupling of the two economies.

  4. Grateful for Wilbur Ross, a man who worked his hide off & earned all he has. God bless.

  5. Trump….Putin….Kim….Xi….Erdowan, International Criminals

  6. Tariffs need to END!!! Free trade !!!

  7. Any delay of tariffs is China win.

  8. Chinese are amazing. America’s days are over and we are taking the place over. We already own half of your country. Sure we are physically repulsive but that won’t stop us!


  10. Lagarde is a criminal… in ethical terms. A sellout. She and her EU need to be closed down!!

  11. Christine Lagarde is working for the Pope to take down this country.

  12. US has no cards in hand, seems

  13. We make the rules not China or democrates..

  14. We don't need communist..in America..

  15. We will not be China control or rule …

  16. Keep the tariffs…..get back our companies..

  17. China has never honored a deal in their entire existence. How about they honor the deal for at very least 3 months and then talk about relieving the tariffs? You're out of your mind if you think that they are ever going to deal straight

  18. We really should not even be trading with our number one enemy!!!!!!

  19. In democratic countries the laws and existing institutions allows these concerns to be catered for automatically….. China however is not a democratic country….. So watch this space!!!!!

  20. Ross can't leave his house without putting on his adult diapers lol

  21. China will protect Trump.

  22. China will be just fine y'all but thanks for the concerns lol

  23. There will be deal with the US by december! Merry xmas y'all

  24. That LAGARDE hag at the end is already lying to us before she even takes office. PATHETIC

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