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Wilbur Ross: 'The first big step' towards dealing with China

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on China trade, Huawei and ZTE, and the USMCA.

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  1. These 2 are dreamers. Keep dreaming. If the tarffs not off the table it will end up a disaster. Just wait. I pity everyday American because the leaders keep lying to them and thèy believe them

  2. Huawei it’s a national threat ….but allow them temporary to work because USA networks need their equipment….so it’s a threat later or it’s now ? It’s a threat or not ? ………….American Hypocrisy at most high level live on Tv ……

  3. Ross he say: The Trump focus for agriculture things ….there is the pain for his elections ….that’s why ! Hahha Hahhahaha. But Maria she don’t point this !

  4. Lol 😂 … full of crap from both ! The more you talk tough the more ur heading towards a recession ! Go start printing more US dollars and arm twist ur allies ! The downfall is imminent.

  5. If you don't like 5G, then don't. Then don't use 5G. Why muck around and badmouthing. Can't understanding this Americunt double standard. Why should China make a deal with the Americunt. It will be a disappointment if China make a deal with the Americunt. China should tell the US that they should go and play kite. Let them implement the tariff.

  6. This guy is brilliant and we are fortunate to have him. He is getting older and his mind hasn't faded at all. Thanks mr. Ross.

  7. The guy is sound and look like very sick and unhealthy so mentally sick as well that implies all the Americans

  8. China realize that whatever actions the US is taking would mean nothing to them as the entire lawmakers, regardless whether they are Republicans or Democrats would pursue on the same course of trying to curtail the rise of China to be the number 1, and the US is still trying to fight back in remaining in that position. Unless and until the US political systems changes, the world will not have total peace and prosperity. That is the reality whether we like it or not, for or against it. The world, including China must simply chart their own journey without having the US dominance.

  9. Marching toward a darker and a polarized world ….

  10. You can't really make or iron out a deal with China because they make their own rules or laws that disregards or defies international laws.

  11. China can wait but Uncle Sam can't wait.

  12. It's gonna be a long long battle. Trade is only 1 of the issues. No way they buy agriculture now.

  13. Stop import from China, especially the high supersonic missiles. Why? Because they stole the high tech to produce it from USA! And that is why US does not have this sort of high tech arsenal yet.

  14. No deal please. The world is sick of Americunt bullying. Just start the WW3 already. I have lived long enough.

  15. He who holds the technology is rising super power . China has acquired all tech information illegally by bribes from corrupt US officials .

  16. FCC already pass a vote to reject Huawei 5-0 they are opening a facility by Silicon Valley, that means more jobs, and we get to keep freedom on the net and privacy from China.

  17. I love this man. he is sharp

  18. the best deal with china is no deal! in any deal with china america will loose over time! and this is excact what the china wants! if you have a deal with china after all then you have not won the war!! and this is excatly what the china wants! you surender and the china advances! the overall picture is not Like its looks and is made on purpuse so and that means..propaganda! from what you hear don't believe anything and from what you see half!

  19. Mr. Ross is 'profesor' in specialty's

  20. Mr. Wilbur Ross had by now figured out, attempt to bring China to its knees failed miserably, any that paying party, direct, indirect and induced damages are huge, are also US enterprises, and the losses propagate through the export echelons, substantial market share in certain segment are lost. Europe fill pain in maintaining sanctions against Russia, over 240 billion have been accumulated, all in name of Washington sanctioning Russia, but gross loses however are borne by naive EU states that got dragged into Washington move to weaken Russia economy, and collateral is clearly Europe and Japan.

  21. Difficult to live without tariffs with no viable alternatives. China, however, is unwilling to concede on US demands without tariffs rollbacks. This situation is likely to persist for years to come.

  22. the only country that has weaponize tech is the US and used national security for economic reasons.

  23. what a joke, you are forcing people to buy your stuff and if they don't you want to punish them…… lol

  24. good old droopy the dog…

  25. American do NOT have 5G technology, not Apple nor Intel. What is there to steal. Stop your hogwash misleading information and lies!

  26. No point fighting over trade war. Why not learn to work and coperate together for the good of this world.

  27. The parkinsonised living vampire racist pig

  28. Of course 5G would be a bad option to let a Chinese own company and get in because government of China owns it don't be ridiculous to think they won't do that to us

  29. William Barr is absolutely correct that we cannot trust them he's right in saying that… believe me China lives by the book Art of War by Sun Tzu if you don't read it you won't understand them and they will do this they've even written books about doing this to us so they're not coming out in hiding it their desire to conquer the world

  30. It's your fault government allow this happen we all voted for these jerks and look what they've done to her country giving them special rights and Taxation to have business which was a mistake and that's what any people from other countries that you do that with

  31. China is a very aggressive and growing Imperial Nation or country I don't like the word Nation but I will tell you this they will stop at nothing to me the world superpower next

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