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Will China run out of patience with Hong Kong protests?

Hong Kong’s leader is warning that weeks of protests are putting the territory’s stability in danger.
The demonstrations began 10 weeks ago against a controversial extradition bill.
But they’ve evolved into wider concerns about democracy in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.
Mass sit-ins at the airport have led to the cancellations of flights.
Businesses are feeling the effects of the unrest, with the stock market falling to its lowest level in seven months.
So will the disruptions sway public opinion on the demonstrations?
And will Beijing’s patience run out?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra

Kris Cheng – journalist and Editor-in-Chief of Hong Kong Free Press, an independent publication
Steve Tsang – Director of the China Institute at SOAS University of London and author of ‘A Modern History of Hong Kong’
Joseph Cheng – Political Scientist and Convenor of the pro-democracy group Alliance for True Democracy

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  1. Patience!
    Is it right for CCP or HKSAR gov on this word?
    Who leads to this and why it happens again and again within a couple of years?
    They have the army, police and forces and what can the citizens do and say!
    Scaring the citizens and have them not speaking out, showing out, and patience?

  2. just look atmacau and hainan island or shenzhen no problem!

  3. so stupid of protesters to ask carrie lam to resign if she resigns there will be someone else maybe much tougher to take her place someone approved by beijing again!

  4. You know, some guys you just crack em in the jaw, an' they're done. Sit down and cry a little. Other guy, you got to really hit a lot harder. Maybe cut off some pieces to communicate the message. China is thick that way. Endless supply of sadistic bullies. I would suggest "protesting" is like a few buzzing flies, when what you really need is a large number of hungry lions.

  5. 90% of protesters are all young people who don’t understand this will distort Hong Kong reputation and business.

  6. Hong Kong will always be a part of China I blame British for this violent mob protest.

  7. hk has been running out of patientice with China, that is why they go on the street !

  8. Wake up China! Disturbance will stop if China reconfirm HK people no more Extradition Law, give HK right to vote with democracy! Then problem resolved. Why China refused to do so but endorse violence to protestor.

  9. Carrie Cheng is the real criminal in history for all these riots. Can she sleep well? Wait till God sees her in the final judgement.

  10. Hong kong has the same problems than europe and Usa, there is no more democracy and freedom in those countries, banksters with their fake government would push it to the civil war if needed

  11. over the last three month the anti government protesters are spreading their movement throughout the Hong Kong as a result peaceful and world class city has turned in to violence but unfortunately Hong Kong scholars are failed to find out the root causes dear intellectuals circle this is not time to become mute spectator you should make a voice independently by pressing the government and protestors so that could have solve present dilemma through the dialogue because there is not better destination point except table talk.

  12. It's so sad that these protesters are dreaming.

  13. China is Ruthless , May God protect the Chinese from the CCP. People disappear by the hands of the CCP. 99 % conviction rate in the courts. There is no justice in China. Boycott China, pressure your government to put pressure on Xi and FREE Hong Kong !

  14. but China and Hong Kong are not the same c
    China robbed UK

  15. UK x HK
    United kingdom and Hong Kong are the same

  16. The irony of Carrie Lam. She has family in the UK, if anything goes wrong she can retire in the UK.

  17. What other means do these people have to counter the encroachment of totalitarian China who punishes political opposition with concentration camps and organ harvesting?! I applaud and support these brave Hong Kongers and hope trump supports their efforts!!!

  18. Western countries are dying

  19. Maximum disruption….hmmmm heard this before, its maximum pressure….who is fond of using these words?

  20. Hong Kong is the last city of China trying to defend democracy and right of freedom, but eventually controversy will end with bully, support freedom Hong Kong!

  21. China would defend HK cause protesters disrupts its economy and the power and control not to the people.


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