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Will Marianne Williamson Sign The Progressive Pledge?

Will Marianne Williamson Sign The Progressive Pledge?

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks asks 2020 candidate, Marianne Williamson to sign the Progressive Economic Pledge. http://tyt.com/signed

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  1. I love this women. She is wayy better than Elizabeth Warren.

  2. Darwinist Lesbians control the planet.

  3. A pledge? Interesting. Great idea! Love MW. Thank you!

  4. I didn't even know about her till now

  5. President Williamson can clean up this tainted country.

  6. You can tell she majored in public speaking. She gets right to the point Never held a government office, no experience in politics and worst of all she's too nice.

  7. Ok that is awesome. She rounds out my top 6.

  8. MW is unique, brilliant and an absolute gift from Heaven for this particular time in history.

  9. Thank you Marianne, very cool

  10. If you are seriously considering Marianne Williamson, read A Politics Of Love. It gives a clear overview of her perspective and political platform. It's the best and most efficient way to compare her with the other presidential contenders.

    I've known Marianne for over 35 years. I literally heard most of the lectures and sermons that A Return To Love was based upon in person in Los Angeles. Ironically, I had never read the actual book until recently. I finished reading it this last Memorial Day, 2019.

    Of course I am deeply biased, but it is an extraordinary work of genius by any standard. It has profoundly deep meaning for me on multiple levels.

    My congressional campaign is inspired by Marianne's leadership and patriotism. The seeds and the roots of her political dream and vision are planted deeply within this prolific text.

    I encourage everyone who has an interest in the 2020 election to read A Return To Love, Healing The Soul Of America and A Politics Of Love.

    Consider asking your local library and librarian to order these titles.

    Please remember to ask 2,020 of your friends and relatives to register, volunteer, vote and donate @ marianne2020♡♡♡♡♡

    45 + 1 = 46 = A Return to Love = Healing the Soul of America = A Politics of Love = Madame President Marianne Williamson

    Marianne Williamson for President,
    Pete Buttigieg for VP &
    Michael Söetaert for Congress 2020.

    Please remember to register, volunteer, vote and donate @ marianne2020☆☆☆☆☆

    michaelsoetaert2020 @ gmail
    213 926 1020
    © 2019 Michael Söetaert

  11. I love that. She couldn't wait to tell him. So cute.

  12. People should vote for this woman because she's hot.

  13. jenk is big enough to play football , but wasted his life making shitty videos

  14. How do you feel about Bernie?

  15. Cenk needs to tone down his loading questions.
    He asks the thing he want's them to answer
    "Do you think the media has not done a fair job of delineating who the progressives are?"
    I would remove the "not" it confuses the question and it also very binary. One might ask,
    "How well do you think who progressives are, has been delineated by the media?"
    Open question without unnecessary negation.

  16. I would vote for her too.

  17. Wow ,the AOC socialist lackeys are strong arming their leaders. Yup that's how socialist works, next it's the gulags for those that resist

  18. i love how she throws shade at Biden.
    Everyone's dunking on him these days and i'm loving it hahaha

  19. She runs for president yet never has worked in politics before. If she cared about civil service why is she not doing it? Deluded ego driven weirdo

  20. Love her, and love that she expresses gratitude back.

  21. Wow never heard of this candidate, want to hear more!

  22. another candidate that I like 👍🏿

  23. The left can't debate, why do you think they are so quick to outrage?
    Many of them are visibly outraged before a debate even starts, the left wing media set up outrage ambushes they claim to be unbiased interviews as spectacle rather than an actual discussion explicitly to display their viewpoints as superior and opposing points not even worthy of debate when infact the opposite is true.
    It's the arrogance that someone has dared to challenge their all knowing and infallible viewpoint.
    The majority of leftist leaders are evidently quite average in IQ, even the ones who claim to be intellectual tend to do nothing but regurgitate the dogma the preach.
    They don't need to be very smart because they pedal the politics of emotion and identity. Statistical fact and evidence enrage them because they cannot compete against reality.
    They are very dangerous people.

  24. Most people on the left are narcissistic egomaniacs. "I'm never wrong, but you are".

  25. And this doesn’t seem like money out of politics…., Cenk

  26. Who cares at this point. We need someone who won't try to be a russian puppet like Trump

  27. Smart, fair, progressive, and pretty. She's got my vote

  28. If Bernie opens up a gap on Biden in California and doesn't need my primary vote I'll be voting for her.

  29. She’s such a joke. Would never vote for her or come close to considering it.

  30. another no name nobody thats done nothing has joined the "progressive" movement to single handedly take down the government! same old stupid waste of time.

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