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Will Netflix struggle to find new content amid coronavirus quarantine?

Netflix adds millions of new subscribers while coronavirus keeps people binge-watching at home. FOX Business’ Lauren Simonetti with more. Subscribe to Fox …


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  1. Once they started producing there own shows they dropped all the other good content.

  2. NetFlix backed Hillary over Trump in 2016!!! Dump NetFlix… Vote Trump!!!

  3. Netflix is worth 30 trillion dollars 💵

  4. I have never been happier. Down with Hollywood. So OVER , Garbage E News, evil. Low frequency, dumbing our minds with BS. Screw Netflix's and Hollywood. Their all OVER PAID.

  5. I hope it doesn't frighten us too. Much !!!

  6. Obama and Clinton are going broke so look out!!!

  7. I’ve been bored with Netflix for months! If I had my way, I’d say adios!!😃

  8. Maybe if they played the movie that is searched for…not movies that are like the movie searched for..

  9. Netflix is overrated. It takes just a few weeks to a few months to watch the prime shows. Then you realize most of the majority of new releases are CCC- type quality and nothing worth watching. We will not be renewing our subscription.

  10. Hope it goes under. It's trash.

  11. Yea cus the sh&t they got now SUCK DONKEY BALLS

  12. I watch the same old shows that we’re made when everyone wasn’t offended by everything.

  13. Netfix has never had "QUALITY" content. I unsubbed years ago.

  14. Subscribed to Netflix for a long time. It was not-too-bad once upon a time. Now I just hope it goes away, but I don't care that much because I won't be looking.

  15. Netflix is terrible. There is NOTHING to watch except cheap Netflix produced junk.

  16. They never update I just quit watching it

  17. I wouldn't know I don't pay for tv

  18. Their getting destroyed by Disney+

  19. Whatever, as LONG as Obummer is there, I will never joined

  20. Stop watching tv, your life will improve almost immediately.

  21. I hope so I have already watched everything of interest to me . Am now watching older movies I have seen to pass the time.

  22. I really don't understand why people are still paying for these subscription nonsense services when they can just Google 123 movies and watch literally everything for free. I guess people like wasting money.

  23. Left wing Netflix can fold for all I care…. so can Hulu. Cancelled both subscriptions long before this Corona biological weapon threatened anything….or was even a thing.

  24. Shame and shame to America evil and her daughter Israel adultery

  25. We are worried about watching more tv? I'm more concerned about the economy

  26. Netflix is so far ahead of the Streaming curve that everyone else is competing to be #2.

  27. Click bait title. Your title shouldn't end with a question mark. Just actually title your video.

  28. Alienating half the country with their liberal agenda written into the shows certainly doesn't help things. I just cancelled Netflix .

  29. The People want The Punisher back in production. i dont care how much it costs.

  30. I'll bet they are… Nothing left to scare us about because it's all true and came to light now. I hope they go under!

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