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Will Trump Approve Of Kavanaugh Losing It?

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Will Donald Trump still back Brett Kavanaugh after his emotional outburst during his hearing? Brett Erlich and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Hosts: Brett Erlich, John Iadarola

Cast: Brett Erlich, John Iadarola


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  1. Literally counting down the days until TYT goes out of business

  2. Do these guys know Christine Fords account comes from an alleged “Repressed Memory” supposedly HYPNOSIS surfaced this event?
    Plz look up the Mcmartin Day Care trial. A WHOLE Family was on trial for sexually abusing a ridiculous number of kids. Little kids even told the authorities about the sacrifices of other kids during preschool. All brought out by psychologists and hypnosis.
    Ford is a researcher and works in the field of Psychology.
    Did NO One else feel unnerved by her “Child like” voice and attitude? She knows how to play with the brain, it’s her life’s work.
    THIS is the dirtiest trick I’ve ever witnessed by the Dems.

  3. If he were not angry about their false accusations, the Demoncrats would accuse him of being "cold blooded."

  4. I can clearly see why this channel died , nothing more than toxic liberal echo chamber. People appreciate unbiased reporting.

  5. Just listen to what they say starting at 1:13 "This guy clearly seems like an alcoholic…you're an accused attempted rapist…you should not be too aggressive."

    Not only are they straight up defaming someone with zero proof, but do you see how they are making the act of defending your name, career and families honor a BAD thing? TYT is saying "don't get upset when someone attacks you. Because if you do we'll take that as an admission of guilt."

    This is some dystopian witch hunt shit right here. Defending yourself = guilty.

  6. He cried, Donny doesn't like weak men. Coming from one the weakest president's ever. Is Bret snorting cocaine?

  7. Has anyone considered that maybe Kavanaugh is telling the truth, the catch is he believes his own lies? Seriously, you have to be really cognitively dissociated to not even be able to have the maturity in this situation to admit bad behavior and say he learned from it and does better now. He’s denying that it would never have been in his character to do that and maybe that is his truth!! It isn’t THE truth, but he’s believable by a certain number of people because his emotions are true. He feels attacked and from his perspective he feels his character doesn’t deserve this. He is personality disordered (arguably clinically if you can be that emotional over lying about assaulting people) , not a liar. We need to start recognizing the signs of this dissonance and calling people on it. It’s time for the truth.

  8. John is dead on!! Starting at 7:30. If you sit and think about your own personal experiences over the course of your life… the big ones… you don't forget who else was involved.

  9. Well, considering he's gone insane, I'm sure he will.

  10. 50/50 does President Trump have the popularity to ralliy the troops?

  11. Did you hacks miss the part when Kavanaugh started crying and tearing up throughout the hearing and his opening speech. Do you not notice or did it not fit the narrative?

  12. Solution time: Since both parties claim they want to make the Supreme Court less political, why don't they change the rule in the Senate as regards approving a Supreme Court justice. In addition to the 51 votes, the nominee could be vetoed by a majority vote of either party. With that rule, the nominee could NOT be a political choice but MUST be acceptable to both parties.

    Or am I crazy to think that there are any such non-political judges left?

    Crazy conspiracy-theory time on the topic of this video: I think Trump ORDERED BMK (Kavanaugh) to testify with fire and fury. Trump told BMK that if Trump didn't like the testimony, then he would yank BMK's nomination. If it worked, then BMK would be totally loyal to Trump. If it failed (and it did), then Trump just throws BMK under the bus and picks the next name off the list.

    One more thing: BMK was a test case for Trump's own style of testimony. Now that he's sure he would bomb Trump's new priority is to finish destroying the FBI. Trump thinks that blaming the FBI for nuking BMK can help him finish off the FBI, his greatest enemy.

  13. I have lost faith in this channel all it is is a political bias, I look for facts not opinion in news, this is not news this is an agenda just like alex Jones.

  14. @9:00 "the other side wants to kill babies". They literally have a list of 20 anti-choice judges they can choose from.

  15. Id like to see these guys accused so we can call them liars if they get angry or emotional?

  16. So wait you guys are not the exact same person?

  17. After Kavanaugh's testimony, I not only want to keep him off SCOTUS, I want him to be impeached from the Federal bench. The man was practically channeling Trump.

  18. Boohoo hoo, it’s my seat! Stump!
    My seat!

  19. And ford looks like she eats Xanax like tic tacs.

  20. So you blame him you guys have trashed him over and over again off of nothing

  21. Thing is that saying that she was mistaken about his identity doesn't make much sense because she knew him prior to the party. I'm pretty sure that she would know if she saw a familiar face. The only thing that may come into play is if she was drunk enough that she could have mistaken someone else for him, but that is why there would need to be an investigation.

  22. George W Bush aggress Donald Trump that the hearings should and Friday 9/26 in the final vote to be taken. before the FBI does it need investigation.

  23. when I cry water and mucus comes out of my eyes and nose I didn't see that with k. he blew his nose once at the end, he seemed he was entitled to this position and how dare anyone ask him about his past, I think he did it but even if he didn't I'm sure there are other people more qualified. oh and him asking the lady if she ever blacked out and saying this is payback for the Clintons, i would be voting against him if i was someone of importance in the goverment.

  24. A beer will help crisp cold bottle of beer mmmm there's a sandwich in every bottle.

  25. President Trump will not stand by Kavanagh, if he does he will lose the women's vote. …..end of trump presidency !!

  26. Did he have a drink or some drug before the hearing ? or was he with drawing from drinking he drying out from last night ? he 53 and a judge now and on national tv behavior this way to congress so at 17 when a girl say NO and he was stupid drunk how did he behavior then to a girl ?.

  27. Why are they asking if he is okej with an FBI investigation. JUST SAY WE ARE DOING ONE.

  28. NEWSFLASH: As a psychiatrist, it's more likely that Ford, as a 15 year old girl, had gang bang fantasies of the football team doing her… and in that process (using her own terminology) her fantasies seared false memories into her hippocampus of being tossed onto a bed. How else does anyone account for the fact that she can't identify the street, let alone the house, where it occurred? I'll tell you why… fantasies are not address specific.

  29. Maybe Trump will…it sounds exactly like what Trump himself would do, after all…

  30. Kavanaugh came across as a spoilt rich person who thinks he's entitled to escape any illegal activities he's done in the past. Very aggressive for a Judge. How can he be confirmed when the US Bar has requested a FBI investigation before any appointment.

  31. Our country is like a bad reality show

  32. No, Iadarola, the most effective revenge for 2016 would occur close to the midterms. That's what this is.

  33. The Dums lost their despicable smear campaign. SORRY,. you LOSE….AGAIN…

  34. Kavanaughs testimony was as phoney as his rage and the tactics the Republicans used were tactics used in the 1960's in paternity courts before DNA. Give me a break. Someone with that kind of anger inside if him does not belong on the Supreme Court.

  35. Nothing Kavanaugh did in that hearing was wrong you dumbasses.

  36. Kavanaugh – "Acting!"
    Graham – "Brilliant!"
    Kavanaugh – "Thank you!"

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