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Will union workers support Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-all?

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are setting their sights on Michigan ahead of the state’s primary. FOX Business’ Jeff Flock with more.

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  1. They're stupid as hell if they do support it. People not on it don't have a clue what it's all about.

  2. These fools aren't seriously thinking about supporting this fool Sanders…really?

  3. The unions force workers to vote for Dems that's why I quit the F ING union.

  4. I'd hope the unions will support president Trump. After all he is creating more jobs for them then any president ever or will they support scamming lying Dems

  5. Next to the Demo’s, the Union’s are the worst.

  6. “In God We Trust” is the theme of the USA and not “In the Stock Market We Trust”!  Trump is LEFT OF LEFT. Trump and his cronies create, communicate, and perpetuate a spirit of evil and the spirit of evil is striking back with the coronavirus. Think about it. Trump behaves like an oligarch, authoritarian, autocrat, and demagogue. For example: Trumps cohorts are Communist Kim Jung Un, North Korea, Communist Putin's Russia, and Communist China's Xi Jinping. The truth is Trump is a communist capitalist. The Trump administration and his cronies are the deep state, swamp, and quicksand.  In addition, Trump is not in touch with reality because of a life as a billionaire bully con salesman.

  7. Your not giving up healthcare Your getting healthcare!

    Bernie 2020

  8. 401ks bleeding today rip retirements.

  9. My job is union-ized and I make less money than I would elsewhere but I get fantastic benefits including a very cheap and high quality health insurance plan for my family and I. Why would I vote for someone that is going to take away that benefit and make me pay the full price of whatever M4A will end up costing?

  10. Can anyone tell me what Bernie Sanders, in his 30 years in Congress, has done to make America better?

  11. Bernie Sanders will never be the President of the United States

  12. Bernie has never been anything other than a lazy, carpetbagging flim-flam man. He campaigns for travel, cheap suits, and houses, courtesy of the DNC.

  13. We could have nice stuff if we closed the Borders and Americans First…

  14. You mean will the entitlement people support him, don't you……Of course, they will he's going to give them more freebies and most are stupid enough to fall for it… Duh, who do you think is really going to pay for it all …think about it…

  15. Ah, the union/communist connection. Like a horse and carriage. Alive & well in 2020

  16. Bernie you're such a communist socialist you should go to a third world country and give them some of free B.S.

  17. AOC is the leader of green union sales force and it's easy for her experience in star bucks💱.

    All in for 🇺🇸USD Revenue.

  18. democrats are the ones who turned loose the coronavirus

    the more needing they can make us the more votes the can tell you lies about fixing corruption at it's finest

  19. Not sure about union workers, but fans of the famous Russian Rock Band "DDT" will support Bernie or Biden, even though they have no idea that DDT stands for "Defeat Donald Trump" or an old insecticide

  20. There are no unions in communist countries.

  21. The union members will do what the union leaders tell them to do, if unions still operate as they used to.

  22. Remember the “Hollow Earth Theory” Imagine that as the case, the further out we look only looks further into a “Mandelbrot” like gyroscope. Our “Earth Vehicle” travels through terrain we lack perception sense to observe. This terrain has an affect on the life forms in the Biosphere.

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