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Winnie Harlow Hangs With Hailey Baldwin and Talks Victoria’s Secret | 24 Hours With Vogue

Winnie Harlow hung with Hailey Baldwin, walked the runway for Julien MacDonald and tried on diamonds from Cartier.

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Winnie Harlow Hangs With Hailey Baldwin and Talks Victoria’s Secret | 24 Hours With Vogue

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  1. Does she have to use different Fondations in her face?

  2. What an absolute stunner!!

  3. she kinda reminds me of a cow

  4. I’ve met Winnie in person and she was so incredibly sweet, on ANTM at time she may have seemed arrogant put on these shows it’s really easy to manipulate something in to making it look worse than it actually is bye not showing the whole story and cutting out certain conversations. I think she’s an inspiration she was so down to earth and she’s had a rough past so please don’t hate, If you don’t like her don’t say anything

  5. Research mild hint blood young taxpayer punishment initial hello more writer.

  6. There are other talented models out there

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  8. I don’t see what people see in Winnie

  9. Has somebody ever thought of asking the 73 questions guy 73 questions? Now there is a question 😉😊

  10. who’s the blond in the adidas jacket at the beginning next to winnie? he’s ugly

  11. 73 questions with Kaia Gerber!!!

  12. THIS GIRL IS FANTASTIC I LOVE😁❤💘🍀💝🌸🌼👌👍👏💗🙌🙋💕😘💞😂💖💙

  13. She is beautiful ,I would like to meet her oneday.

  14. I have the same on the face hands but it disappearing a bit everywhere. I made all possible different languages researches , its a lot of treatments I took already all experiments and 21 century technology treatments, I still wild tiger and I happy I happy to know I'm not alone .Ohhhh girl you are so beautiful ♥

  15. I’m not an English speaker so I didn’t know well about Winnie, does anyone tell me why she is sooo hated…?

  16. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍👌🏻

  17. I think she's an overrated person slash model. Her name isn't even her real name for goodness sake.

  18. Someone explain why shes not a nice person i dont really know much about her so ive never heard of what she has said or done

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    You can use my songs in your video, lf you want
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  20. I love her ,one day I will meet you and talk how to become a popular model .

  21. Wow so amazing lovvvvv❤️

  22. Girl stop acting like a diva because you're not.

  23. honestly yall dont hv to say shes beautiful just because shes different

  24. She’s not wearing her seatbelt 😤

  25. Winnie is a gorgeous woman. What a positive role model for young girls, love it!!

  26. Sorry but im not digging this 2 tone model.She looks like a Dalmatian

  27. I must say she looks like a beautiful piece of art! Like she has her own design!

  28. So beautiful and sweet woman👏🌹

  29. Havent been able to shake off the image of how arrogant she was on ANTM… Good for her I guess.

  30. She is sick and has a skin condition called vitiligo why show her off like that she looks like a zebra

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