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World’s Smelliest Plant: Titan Arum – Guinness World Records

World's Smelliest Plant: Titan Arum - Guinness World Records

World’s Smelliest Plant: Titan Arum

Nicknamed the “Corpse Flower”, the Amorphophallous Titanum is believed to be the smelliest plant on Earth…

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  1. It smells like rotten eggs and pee and bugs and dead corpes and poop and more combined

  2. Corpse flower? Why do they keep it?!

  3. This is so stupid. What's the point of giving an award to a PLANT? I swear this world is getting more and more stupid.

  4. @ErrorOnUsername Hmm, I wonder who you stole this comment from.

  5. @ErrorOnUsername hahaha ur mean..lol..!!!!!

  6. I bet her parents are very pround.

  7. @ketamphetamine Ur the one that doesnt have sense of humor u moron.

  8. Oh yeah, when i read the ingredients in my sop i found 'Titan arum'
    Attracts all the hot zombie's.

  9. i thought it says world's smelliest pants

  10. Gimme that plant or I cannot be convinced.

  11. Thumbs up if you actually considered smelling your monitor.

  12. @xJamo33 Oh shit I've seen this video four times…I must have missed that part.

  13. where the fuck is smellovision when u need it.
    pretty pointless video

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