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Would we be better off without religion 🛐? – UpFront

Is religion a force for good or evil? A controversial question at times, but one that can’t be avoided in the modern world. From violence and terror, to gender equality, to science, reason, and education, the faithful and the faithless tend to repeatedly clash over whether religion is a net positive or negative, whether it helps humanity more than it hurts it.

“Religion is both a force of good and evil because religion is a manmade institution, and human beings are both good and evil,” says Reza Aslan, a scholar of religion and best-selling author. “I don’t know why it would come as a surprise to learn that the religious institutions that we create can also be responsible for profound acts of good and compassion and positivity, and for equally profound acts of violence and bigotry and hatred.”

Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist and atheist, says religious institutions tend to be harmful to people.

“Religious institutions have not only usurped the notion of morality, but on the whole promulgate ideas that are not useful, and often harmful for people, and take many people, many, many, many people, who simply want to ask questions about the universe and make them feel bad,” says Krauss.

When asked whether people will outgrow religion, Aslan, who just released his latest book God: A Human History, says we are not going to outgrow faith.

“The fact of the matter is that religion has always been in a state of evolution,” says Aslan. “Scientific knowledge is going to change religion. It’s going to alter religious people, but it won’t make it go away.”

Krauss, who is also a best-selling author of numerous books on science, including his latest, The Greatest Story Ever Told – So Far, doesn’t believe religion will disappear, but says more will turn to science.

“When I was a young person, I thought by now we would have outgrown religion because, let’s face it, the evidence of science is that there’s no evidence for anything, for any purpose to the universe, any divine inspiration,” says Krauss. “The more scientific literacy there is, the less of the intellectual basis will be there to support religion and we’ll see more and more people finding other ways to add meaning and purpose to their lives.”

In this week’s UpFront special, Reza Aslan and Lawrence Krauss debate religion’s place in society, whether religion is inherently violent, and if religion will continue to exist in years to come.

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  1. Atheist : you can never prove the existence of god (1/2)
    Theist : but you also cannot prove that god doesn't exist (1/2)
    Thanos : hold my beer!!!
    Peace to all😁

  2. Everyone considers some basic things as accepted and build their opinion around them. They forget to question their own fundamentals and end up arguing in stupid ways. They both tried their best with their limited skills of reasoning. However, we have to give them credits as no better is generally available.

  3. Douglas Murray wont be invited back will he Medhi

  4. Quran is Devine and no man should try to change it or ALLAH forbid try to declare it out dated

  5. Love Reza when he defended Quran GOD bless him

  6. It appears, Reza is not an expert about Islam and Quran

  7. Science is really missing the problem in the twelveth minute exactly at 11:40 sec he say I am not complaining about ppl, it means he is complaining about religion . But the fact is all the religions teach good things and humanity it's the people who r good or bad they r creating the problem . Science is far away from identification of the problem. this is why since the rule of science the humanity is on decline

  8. The atheists never give strong or arguments in there belief but what they do they criticise religion prophets and religious ppl . Which is very wrong they should give strong arguments in there defence

  9. Am Proud to be a Muslim. We are a loving peaceful religion.

  10. Blaming religion easy go, white hates black, one culture hates another, one language hates another, one country hates another, rich hates poor, long face hates small face, hates every where nd if you blame religion you just a inform less stupid.

  11. Imagine if the debate was on an Indian tv show! I have so much respect for Al Jazeera.

  12. 14:50 love how he shuts up a screen lol

  13. if religion is removed from human life human can't even survive for century on earth

  14. allah talked about exactly how a baby was created 1400 years ago in the Quran when science only found that out 300 years ago

  15. this guy does no know what to say a 16 year old islamic boy could show the atheist

  16. Atheist criminal moron or dictator killed far more innocent people around the world than whole world put together starling in Russia polpot In cumbodia Hitler in Germany few name first world War wasn't about religion

  17. When there's no religion, then there's racism. Religions kills racism.
    Sadly the Christchurch terrorist didn't have any religion either.
    In the end, humans are humans, this topic pretty much now falls on its head.

  18. Would we be better off without hypothetical and stupid topics like this, Who can tell

  19. I dont understand why some ppl act educated when they are only. Most wars in the world look place in the name of "greed" and not Faith or Religion.

  20. Give atomic power to every nation , there will be no war.

  21. You'll care about God when your on your way to damnation. 🤣

  22. Men wrote the bible, both testaments. Men wrote all religious book -God wrote nothing.

  23. Get rid of religion, it is the root of wars and death. If you believe why not practice Do Not Kill. All religions kill. Shame on them.

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