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Xbox Year in Review: Learning from past mistakes

Xbox Year in Review: Learning from past mistakes

Microsoft has come a long way since its rocky debut of the Xbox One, and this past year the company has had huge success with the Xbox One X. Microsoft has shown it can respond to its fans and put out a great system, but will gamers be ready to follow Xbox into the game-streaming future that Microsoft still believes in?

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  1. A lot of hate on this video. Good video. Finally someone that sees the big picture

  2. Talks about Crissplay *shows Fortnite*, seriously? No wonder no one took that seriously, plus it's already been squashed.

    The Devil May Cry 5 demo with Microsoft getting an Exclusive Demo is utterly laughable. I guess since you can't get Exclusive games you have to settle for Exclusive Demos

    It's gonna take more than Crackdown 3 that's for sure. Still no Exclusives that sell the system isn't what I call a plus

  3. Hahahahah oh wait, you're serious? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is so awesome

  4. I rarely comment on videos but as a former tech journalist, this video came across totally like a sponsored post.

  5. Microsoft will own the show with only halo and gears of war to play!!!! Hahahaha

  6. You can't say something has learned from its mistakes if it has nothing to show for it. This is just ridiculous conjecture.
    Please re-evaluate your life choices. This job isn't for you.

  7. Forward to 4.11 to skip ad

  8. If microsoft didn’t cancel alot of promising exclusives, maybe it would have more franchises to be proud of. I just sold my xbox one S, after seeing most of the titles i wanted to play were for ps4 only.

    Its a sad fall from grace from the xbox 360 days. Too bad. I bought the wrong console for the past few years…but no longer!

  9. Nobody cares about Cross Console play I’m good…. we just want 60- 120 FPS

  10. We are PS4 fans. Hit like if you are with me

  11. Just the opening comments alone are weird. You note that the Xbox is back on top. When have they ever been on top? The PS2 outsold the original Xbox, the Wii outsold the Xbox 360, and the PS4 outsold the Xbox One. And then you say that it's poised to lead 2019. In what sense? Despite whatever momentum Microsoft may have, the PS4 and Switch have consistently outsold it all year. And there's really nothing to suggest that's going to change next year.

    No company in the console space has been as consistent as Sony. They've won three out of the four console generations they've been in. And even last gen when their console "flopped" in the eyes of some, it still sold 80m+ units. Just compare that to console flops of Nintendo, Sega or Microsoft. That success is due in large part to just how strong the Playstation brand is throughout the world. And that seems like something the American press in particular rarely ever factors in. Sony's spent generations building that brand throughout the world.

  12. Xbox can win back the market easy Bills got shitloads of money and hire the best marketing team in the country with the amount of money and talent don't think Japs can win! She is right this year alone Microsoft is buying tons of game developing companies to lable only on xbox with 4K! As most other game developers they want to be fair to gamers and will release their games on 2 consoles. But Sony also got greedy with spiderman and some other titles only on playstation. So Xbox is also using same strategy and buying loads of companies also. A Brand that is damage takes along time to rebuild that is why Microsoft isn't rushing it. 2019 will be a come back for Xbox most definetly let's see if the companies that they bought can push out games that win back the market.

  13. Not everyone has constant internet

  14. Poised?… Sony is poised for the VR future, not Microsoft.

  15. You didnt even talk about games, the main reason people buy consoles

  16. I'm willing to believe everything that lady says, tech or not.

  17. final year?? when did this get confirmed?

  18. Spiderman, Uncharted, Red Dead…… Im sorry but Xbox lost big to the PS4. No good exclusive games. Poor Poor game library.

  19. The problem with Xbox is that they don’t have enough exclusive games to generate sales. Most of their exclusive are being ported to PC which makes it pointless to buy an xbox

  20. If Xbox is gonna be always relying on the internet, then they won't get my money. You guys at Engadget are so full of it for kissing Microsoft's rear with so much passion.

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