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Xi’an Street Food – CHINESE HAMBURGER + STREET FOOD in China | BEST Chinese Street Food

Chinese Hamburger | Street Food in Xian | Best Chinese Food 2018

Xi’an Day 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y45KWb2Kplo

Xi’an Day 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzWIsrz2MxI


Today was our last day in Xi’an but we got to try some of the most FAMOUS Xi’an street foods including the INCREDIBLY delicious CHINESE HAMBURGER! We also pay a visit to the Terra-cotta Warriors and show you how to get there!

On top of the beautiful Chinese hamburger we also tried the famed Pao-Mo and Biang Biang noodles! These noodles were PACKED with flavor! Every street food in Xi’an we ate was delicious and it is seriously one of the best culinary destinations in the WORLD!

Chinese street food is very diverse and although this is our last video from China we will DEFINITELY be going back again very soon! If you haven’t seen our other Chinese street food videos make sure to check them out we have eaten street food in Shanghai, street food in Chongqing and street food in Xian!

Next up is our INDONESIAN street food series where we try street food in Bali and street food in Jakarta! I can’t wait for you guys to see it! If you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe and share it with your friends!
Hey there, my name’s Luke Martin with www.chopsticktravel.com ! I’m on a journey to document the BEST Street Food around the world! The Chopstick Travelers are based in Taiwan, where we frequent the best Street Food stands everywhere from Taipei to Kaohsiung. Not only do we feast on amazing street food in Taiwan, but our food focused travels take us on Street Food missions trying unique foods around the world! We’ve eaten Street Food in Japan, Street Food in Malaysia, Street Food in Korea, Street Food in India and many more!

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Always remember that the best part of travel is immersing yourselves in the local culture, and no where better can you immerse yourself than into the Street Food!

Chinese Street Food – CHINESE HAMBURGER – BEST Street Food in China 2018

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  1. Really sorry again for the audio issues, next video was also affected but then its solved! This is our LAST Chinese street food video we had a blast making them would love to know if you want us to go back or not! Next up INDONESIA! Videos from Bali and Jakarta coming up! Follow us – https://www.instagram.com/derpyluke & https://www.facebook.com/chopsticktravel

  2. You have a lady photobombing the first part of your video! 😎
    Unless that was the owner!

  3. they must have seen him coming 10 rmb , the normal rice is 5 at most.

  4. Awesome video about the terracotta warriors!!! I've only heard of Pao-mau-mau in books, good to have seen it! I love all the pairing with this Chinese flatbread (maybe?).

  5. my favorite part of all your vlogs is watching your reaction devour every dishes. so satisfying and makes me hungry.

  6. Is that only me or all of you can only hear the left channel?by sometimes in this video?

  7. I didn’t know you could eat Sichuan pepper whole like that. Between the clove of garlic and the pepper, my head would have exploded.

  8. Please, come and visit Philippines soon. You have to try our street foods or you should try balut 🙂

  9. omggg i've always watch your food vlogs and yea!! really glad that you're going to my country. hopefully you'll come visit Bandung beside Jakarta and Bali which is also famous of its street food and meal!

  10. Man that food had me drouling! Great vid as always!

  11. Come 2 Hyderabad & try Food of Hyderabadis.
    Deccani /Hyderabadi Cuisine & Mughlai Cuisine.
    We also have some Chinese-Hyderabadi & Chinese-Mughali Fusion-Cuisine.

  12. Can you please visit Vietnam!!

  13. Omg I want to go to that museum. I could spend all day there lol lol

  14. Nice! Love that Biang Biang tidbit. Chinese is TOUGH

  15. luke martin im sooo in love with you lol and i want to travel the world like you lol 😍😍😍😘😘😘

  16. Found your channel and now im addicted

  17. I think the clear noodles you ate is mung bean noodles.

  18. Terra Cotta soldiers have always amazed me! You guys had some great food!

  19. Love the shirt. I am from pei and now live Newfoundland.

  20. Garlic is medicinal, a fact.

  21. I might be wrong but I believe the biang from the name of those noodles is an onomatopoeic word to describe the sound made when making the noodles. It was super interesting for me when I first learnt about it, because it describes the sound of the noodle being stretched out by being flicked onto a flat surface while being held at both ends. Great video as always :)

  22. Wished you reveal whether those thick noodles (Biang) are wheat or rice based. Wonderful video!


  24. Nice to see a fellow maritimer enjoying traveling to different countries to work but without a hard hat you guys are very few of the lucky ones

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