Home / Tech / Xiaomi may launch the first 48-megapixel smartphone in January | Engadget Today

Xiaomi may launch the first 48-megapixel smartphone in January | Engadget Today

Xiaomi may launch the first 48-megapixel smartphone in January | Engadget Today

Yo dawg, I heard you like megapixels.

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  1. Over bulged camera leads to breakage or damage no durability

  2. iPhone gets 48 mpx camera; Engadget: WOOOOOOOOW YEEEEEEEEEEEEES WE NEED THAT, AWESOME!!!!!
    Xiaomi gets 48 mpx camera; Engadget; blah blah it's not needed, it's overkill

  3. In future we can see dual camera's merged into one. The primary camera can include the depth sensor built-in.

  4. The megapixels wont necceceraly make the camrea the sharpest.. Depends on how they make the lens etc

  5. Xiaomi products are awesome

  6. Spy country with spy phone with 48m camera, does not surprise me..

  7. 0:05 Just hearing her voice made me stop the video. Not gonna listen to someone who barely knows anything.

  8. Megapixels are meaningless when smartphone lenses can’t even resolve that much detail. Lenses that can actually resolve 50mp of detail on SLRs tend to be over one thousand dollars alone and are significantly larger, as lenses get smaller, any little imperfections in the glass are more important and corrective lens elements are needed but can’t actually fit into the housing of the phone.
    That’s why google and apple are sticking with lower megapixel counts opting for focusing on better low light performance and other things.
    Also most people simply don’t need that file size unless they’re making large prints and if you’re a photographer who makes large prints, you’re not using a smartphone to take pictures.

  9. I hope it beats the Nokia Lumia 1020 hype of years ago. That phone would have been amazing were it not a Windows phone📱.

  10. Super but there is one problem with xiaomi camera. They do not add the "real" advance mode to camera like LG or Nokia 808 PureView did, ehh.

  11. Mate20pro Hase more than 48 pixel or nah? xD

  12. We won't be happy until one can 3D virtual a site/scene on board ,
    and from the unit one can transfer or project as a 3D color hologram for our needs.
    Smart Phones aren't here yet !
    These hand helds are the embryonic stage of what's coming
    Good try , keeps the futurists on their toes .

  13. This woman needs to be fired…

  14. It is "sha-o-mi" not "sa-o-mi"

  15. I really like this shot video u post

  16. Request for the song used

  17. Xiaomi is one of the best companies I have dealt with .
    Really good cameras , good software (and you can flash custom rom if you want)and honest prices .

  18. I expect more thorough reports from this channel. And that means understanding how digital photography actually works. Sharpness is not determined by the sensor. Sharpness is determined by the lenses, and how good they are. The sensor merely 'records' what the lens is focusing onto it. If you have a cheap lens in front of a 100mpx sensor, your pics are still going to be horrible. But not because of the sensor. Please try to get the details right!

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