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Xiaomi’s gaming phone with a Joy-Con attachment is next-level | Engadget Today

Xiaomi's gaming phone with a Joy-Con attachment is next-level | Engadget Today

We’ve already seen the likes of Razer and ASUS making a push in the gaming smartphone market, but what you probably don’t know is that Xiaomi has also been somewhat involved in this space — just not with its own identity. Dubbed Black Shark, this startup has been leveraging Xiaomi’s investment and smartphone manufacturing know-how, with the first result being a bold-looking gaming phone back in April. Fast forward to today, Black Shark is already back with a beefier model called Helo, and it’s shaping up to be a prettier package both externally and internally.

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  1. China product = garbage

  2. Can we split the controller and play a 2 player game (like what joycon did in Nintendo Switch)?

  3. If they would make a gaming phone with two controllers (not just one why give us half?) and if they actually released with some android exclusive proper optimised ports of good light weight pc games like hotline miami or hyperlight drifter or celeste pr games like fez then these would be a compelling buy for me. Right now the android game library as well as its support for physical controllers leaves much to be desired i camt buy this phone cause it runs pubg or fortnite well there are so many more good android games that just dont support controllers well

  4. Why she always sound so judgy when the video barely started

  5. WTF is this? Is she drunk? She's better off reviewing some tote bag from eBay, not tech.

  6. Engadget. Are you hiring people who are always high?

  7. Nintendo please partner with Samsung and make a beast phone with sleak new joy-cons

  8. Trolls are at it again. Bad ass review.

  9. Wow this girl is so bad as a reviewer. To me, it's not just her being overly animated, it's more about her weirdly paced speech and the way it comes out with almost no authority, like she's reading from a script and actually hasn't done any of the research herself. And it's not just her, it's the whole team. The editors really REALLY need to edit out the ridiculous teeth smacking between every one of her sentences and the writers need to stop writing such terrible jokes. They have done better before, which is why I even care about this, and I would like to see them get back to that.

  10. Love the vid! Don’t worry about the haters, these people take themselves way too serious. You rock!

  11. bling2 .. is the gamers or suit/blouse ?

  12. Another video I won't watch because she's horrible

  13. I must confess, I'm not a gamer. But I have wondered why there isn't more blue tooth controllers out there, or some standards across android. This just feels like the final nail in the coffin, for hand-held games that aren't on phones. I could easily imagine myself using one with emulators, and some favourite classic ROM's. The experience just doesn't work if you lose half the screen to the buttons or a fake keyboard.

  14. Get a Switch. Problem solved.

  15. She and her expression are so annoying

  16. I love the way how this girl presented

  17. Its time sony to make xperia play again

  18. Please Engadget remove this host from your team

  19. ah so much personality loved it a lot. sad that it got do many dislikes. but if it means anything i enjoyed it a lot.

  20. Please learn from CNET.. find a fine girl

  21. Pro gamer tip: Just by a switch

  22. I really don't like this woman. She comes off as so fake

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