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Yoga For Weight Loss | Fat Burning Workout | Yoga With Adriene

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This 40-Minute yoga for weight loss sequence is designed to reunite you with not just your abs but your mindful core.

Connect with your breath, build strength, tone belly fat, burn calories, detoxify, improve digestion and support a happy healthy back with this customized practice with Adriene!

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Our Yoga For Weight Loss series is a set of full-length yoga workout videos designed to burn fat, workout your core and strengthen and lengthen your body. Check out the full playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLui6Eyny-Uzx2jQYA8MS73ND2kUMHyII8

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Yoga For Weight Loss – Balance Practice

Yoga For Weight Loss – Total Body Workout

Yoga For Weight Loss – Abs & Arms

Yoga For Weight Loss – Core Workout

Yoga For Weight Loss – Strengthen & Lengthen

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  1. This video has changed my life. I started just a little over a month ago. It took me a week to make it from start to finish in 1 session. I would start from the beginning every morning and ever night. I got inspired and changed my diet. By week two, I was able to do the full video twice a day. I went from 126 to 111 lbs. I am healthier and stronger than I have ever been at 33 years old. I have friends coming over to share the video and start their journey too. I can touch my toes and I am beginning to see definition in my arms and abs. Thank you Adrienne, for making me a healthier mom, wife, and dental hygienist.

  2. Started my 2020 yoga year with this video and absolutely loved it!

  3. 2020! Starting day 1 at 75kg

  4. I've been doing the 30 Home Practice and this morning wanted to do a weight loss video because I am overweight and gained more over the Xmas holiday even though I tried t not too eat too much junk food.. she is still going at 19:00 and I'm reading the comments to see if I'm the only person that struggled… I'm so glad I'm not lol.. I'm waiting for day 12 to come or may do day 11 again and try get that crow.

  5. Love it! It is fun and a great workout in the same time. Different from my usual vinyasa flows, but love it! Adriene, you´re great fun! Thank you!

  6. I started doing yoga with you because of my migraines and thought "I need to lose some weight, I want to be happier and healthier again". Today I discovered this video from you (I subscribed in 2019 :)) and couldn't get through more than 15 min. I will continue to try and be able to do this workout fully. You aspire me to be better!

  7. Man, I just did this one, and boy is it a challenge. Awesome vid, and keep up the great work! 🙂

  8. I have never practiced any of your Yoga For Weight Loss sessions before, but I figured I'd try one out to start off the new year and to help that holiday fat melt off. This video kicked my ass, as it was the most intense nonstop session I've done. But I'm proud of myself for choosing to do this and pushing through, and MAN do I feel rejuvenated now. Thanks, Adrianne, your personality and perspective on yoga are what got me into daily practices six months ago. Your videos have changed my life for the better! Keep up the great content:))

  9. Can someone help me, is there any 30 program thing for weight loss from this woman? Or am I fine with this only each day?

  10. Hi Adriene
    Can you think about a yoga video to strengthen neck muscles I seem to struggle with this video due to the neck holding up positions I do keep checking I’m not crunching.
    Thanks and happy new year
    I know We are hours away from “Home” 🙏🏼💓✨✨

  11. As someone who is a cardio and weights bunny I really don't get how you can lose weight doing this.

  12. I`ve already been using this “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Search on Google) for nearly Five weeks, and also have lost around 10 pounds, and also three inches from the waistline. It supplies me the power that I need together with getting rid of excess fat then some of the others. .

  13. I DID IT!!!!! I had to take a few breaks and do it at my own pace but when I tried a couple months ago I couldn’t get passed 17:00! I DID THE WHOLE THING!!!

  14. Haven't done this in a while and it kicked my butt … love it!!

  15. Was a kick in the ass but reminded me why I love yoga and why I love doing yoga with Adriene. Thank you for sharing your practice with us

  16. This sequence always gets me! x

  17. Was anyone elses thighs on fire? Also feelng lots of tension in my shoulders and neck towards the ending of the video. Send tips. I want to do this video a few times a week as well as some of her other yoga for weight loss vids (: Thnx


  18. This workout is really intense! I definitely had to make it a little bit easier for myself at certain points. This is a great workout to grow into and very challenging. Thank you for posting it because I can tell that I will be able to build some serious muscle and stamina with this! Btw, I love your talking! Feels like I am working out with a friend of it doesn't need to be serious!

  19. Yoga person doesn’t speak fast like you OMG calm down yourself first

  20. I’m only 17 minutes in and I’m screeching. Who knew I was this out of shape omg 😆

  21. This is my favourite of your yoga for weight loss sequences, Adriene. I do it at least once a week, and it's so awesome how quickly you can feel yourself getting better at these poses. But it's still hard! I'm always trembling like a leaf at the end, but then that's how I know I've been working super hard!

  22. Hello Adriene! I've been doing your videos for several months but just got into the yoga for weight loss series. I'm really enjoying it as a means to have variety and interest between cardio and weights. Thank you very much for the fun videos!

    Also, what movie were you in???

  23. thank you for the jokes. Between the Hallellujahs and Circle of Love , I never lost the sense that it's hard but it's fun!

  24. A little over a week ago i finished the 30 days of yoga with adriene series. I am brand new to the practice of yoga and i'm quickly falling in love with it. This video was such a challenge to my core. I had to pause it at the 8 minute mark because the "fire" was too much. Took a quick rest and dove back in. 23 minute mark i'm shaking, out of breath and have started to puddle on the mat. This is going to be such a fun journey. (posted Dec 9, 2019)

  25. Adriene, Can you believe that you are still going strong in 2019! Congratulations! You are an inspiration to us all! Thank you, Namaste

  26. "it's 2013" – no! I'm shocked, it's 2019 Adriene! hahah

  27. Woahooh tbt with the bangs 😆 love it 👌🏼

  28. Great practice. I come back to this video time and time again. Those twists truly are detoxifying. I find myself a little nauseous sometimes during twists. I just back off a bit and it goes away almost instantly. Love my YWA. 🙏🏼❤️

  29. This video has really helped me

  30. I'm on a mission to lose weight. Thanks to college, I am nearly 40 pounds overweight. Yesterday, I began eating healthier and eating smaller portions, and I'm aiming to work out 3-4 times or more a week for at least 30 min. I've been doing yoga for a few years, but never consecutively and never work-out videos, but I love yoga more than any other workout! I did some research, and surely enough, doing fat-burning yoga for 30- an hour for 4-5 times a week will help with weight loss.
    Anyways, I just completed this video and I am DEAD. My limbs are weak at my side and my body is shaking. Today is the start of my journey, and I am aiming to continue this video every day, or as much as possible, and boy am I so excited. Thank you so much for this video, Adriene! 🙂

  31. This is harder than anything I’ve ever done at the gym

  32. the exercise will include the talking part

  33. Awesome who knew you don’t need crunches! Thank you 🙏

  34. Is 2019 and I'm still coming back to this video! Great sequence!!! Love your classes 😊

  35. Pewhh, definitely strengthening!

  36. i like how i got a cooking commercial before this lol

  37. My mates at work have tried also this unique “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) diet and also were able to cut over 13lbs. A lot of people said to me Google it and look at it as well. The moment I really started out adhering to it the weight simply dropped 15 pounds. .

  38. i had a really hard time with the first 12 min because my knees hurt so bad having them up like that. the belly burn was not too bad cuz i needed to pause for my knees and take them down. is that normal and what can i do about it?

  39. Thanks a million… great… take a look at this also: ​@t

  40. Well I got halfway through… Its going to have make another try at it tomorrow. Got out of surgery 7 months ago. They would NOT let me exercise (for 6 months) since it was for ruptured hernia and sewing colon back together! Crazy. Anyway, I will see if i can get to 20 minute mark tomorrow. today i made it to the 17 minute mark. Little by little!

  41. So fun! Thanks for another great video, Adriene!

  42. The first poses…my stomach doesn't hurt at all but my neck was experiencing hell lol. it strained my neck so much i think these kinds of poses are just not for me.

  43. Hello guys i am not understanding the belly thing can someone explain me

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