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You Won’t BELIEVE Who Tucker Carlson Agrees With

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Tucker Carlson gave a progressive Congresswoman-elect unexpected praise. John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Read more here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/fox-news-tucker-carlson-alexandria-ocasio-cortez_us_5bebd78ce4b0caeec2bf7087?ncid=%20edlinkusaolp00000029

“Fox News host Tucker Carlson admitted Tuesday, in a rare moment of nonpartisanism, that he actually agreed on something with Democratic Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Carlson said it was “hard to argue with” the progressive newcomer’s criticism of e-commerce giant Amazon, which has received $2 billion in tax incentives in exchange for locating its two new headquarters in Long Island City, New York, and Arlington, Virginia.

Ocasio-Cortez, who won her race for a U.S. House seat in New York’s 14th District at last week’s midterm elections, railed against Amazon’s announcement in a series of tweets.”

Host: John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian

Cast: John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian


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  1. "yeah I know he's a white nationalist" smh

  2. They just toss out 'Tucker Carlson is a white nationalist' like it's nothing.

  3. Goddamn, it's infuriates me that NY is giving Amazon $$$$. This country is so backwards. The rich get richer… And we let it happen.

  4. He has always been critical of corporations. His arguments against the wellfare state are also just as reasonable. He has been very realistic about corporations and their influence. You just flat out lied… Carlson is a very moderate republican comparatively and is very intelligent. Instead of attacking someone you might find common ground with, maybe try a different path. He will never agree with big government and socialism, but that doesn't come from a lack of concern, it comes from a true understanding of the problems in our government and it's efficiency at it's current size.

  5. Tucker is more liberal than you think. Watch his interview (aka debate) with Ben Shapiro… he sounded more like Bernie Sanders then Shapiro lol.

  6. TYT/progressives blame elitists for problems related to income inequality while at the same time berating conservatives like Tucker Carson for questioning our immigration policies. It is the same elitists that push for unlimited immigration as they benefit from paying low wages to its workers and cutting all the benefits. Progressives do accept that wages have been stagnant for 30 years even though worker productivity has been high. Don't they understand that too much immigration is part of the problem in addition to automation and outsourcing. Tucker did highlight this issue during the politicon debate with Cenk and Cenk did not have a convincing answer as it was contradicting his stand regarding immigration.

  7. Ana please do a segment where you demonstrate that Tucker Carlson is a white nationalist. I understand that you have different political views but calling someone a white nationalist because they disagree with you politically is lazy not to mention dishonest.

  8. These twoare just meddling things up about him. Calling him a white nationalist is pure slander first of all. Secondly if you watched the debate with Cenk and Tucker you would see Tucker concedes to a lot of left positions on corporations and treatment of employees. It's not inconsistent. And Anna is lying when she said he's just against them for identity reasons.

  9. Mass incarceration of Black People when Bill Clinton was the President . But now the Liberals care about the common people ?

  10. I'm not sure what Ana is talking about. Carlson is the opposite of what she's describing. It was the crux of his whole disagreement with Ben Shapiro – he told Ben that social harmony had to come ahead of markets and profits – that he would rather massive social programs that limited business, rather than seeing millions negatively affected by business progress.

  11. The tax breaks are not money that EXISTED. It is money that WILL be generated by taxes IF amazon moves.

  12. 1:06
    Did you just pull that out of your ass?
    He is not a white nationalist.
    Also white genocide is happening in south Africa by racist blacks.

  13. Genghis Khan killed a lot of whites, he's a hero to more than a few.

  14. White genocide it's not a lie

  15. “The wrong reasons” keep up the propaganda

  16. I bet you advocate violence against his family because he has differing views….

  17. Wow just noticed they excluded Cenk from this one. Cenk debated Tucker, even admitted that they had an interesting conversation where he agreed with a lot of progressive positions, and wouldn't be surprised that he supports this.

  18. I could be wrong, but I think there's a difference between what is happening with Amazon vs. standard tax breaks.

    From my understanding, other people's taxes would actually be increased to subsidize Amazon. This is different from simply letting companies keep more of their own money, which doesn't automatically increase others' taxes.

  19. Share the wealth… let me ask you, if you worked your entire life and created a billion dollar company and created thousands of jobs.. would you like to give away your money to people on welfare, etc, who sit around and do nothing? How does throwing away your hard earned money sound? The Young Turds are such hypocrites.

  20. This video is a disgrace. These IMBECILES just called this guy a white nationalist. What?? People watch this channel?

  21. Join the home of the Regressives

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