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Your Water Bottle Could Be Poisoning You

Your Water Bottle Could Be Poisoning You

A new study led by a nonprofit journalism group found that more than 90 percent of several top brands of bottled water were contaminated with tiny pieces of plastic – particles that can create lingering health problems for people. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Peter Mougey discuss this. Subscribe to the Ring of Fire: https://www.youtube.com/TheRingOfFire

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  1. when i drink bottled water i can often feel these bits of plastic in the back of my throat ugh

  2. Welp I will stop drinking water

  3. ☹With all the things I have to learn in life NOW I have to google fuckin WATER BOTTLES!!!?? 😣BRUH!

  4. they could also have lead in them i know that from jordan chariton

    thx for this ha bisky vid mike i love you

    wines also have those plastic in them as fillers cenk knows the types of wine and what the worst ones are i am not allowed to tell emma (tytpolitics) because i cant find the proof again and she is overly protective when it comes to wine

  5. i could have told you guys bottled water is worse than tap i mean it you open a water bottle and it tastes like plastic there's probably plastic in it

  6. They did to make a glass bottle instead of plastic bottles for water

  7. Lol you got to love corporate America…

  8. No wonder why my water tasted like shit.👈👀 any more secrets.👀

  9. Oh ….no ibhave 35 water bottles and its from nestle pure life

  10. Why is that asshole laughing? It's nothing to laugh about.

  11. Wow…Nestly is evil…can they participate in even more evil against humanity? Wow…American coorporations are poisoning us…wow…EXCEPTIONALLY EVIL…sick and disgusting…Greed run wild.

  12. And guess what, I will be drinking water just like that ok.f u.

  13. Yeah, non for profit organisation, talking all shi………

  14. I'll assume this affects soda pop bottles as well.

  15. That was a weird, unscientific report. Nothing is wrong with ingesting small particles per se; in fact the roughage helps digestion (we're used to it evolutionarily).

    The real problems are the plasticizers. A much better public service message is:

    DON'T drink water from old plastic bottles or those that got really hot, like in a car. Such water has much more dissolved plastic nasties.

    DO get reusable bottles made from PET plastic (those wide mouth ones) or better yet, an aluminum bottle. Reusing is also cheaper so reward yourself with the savings.

    This stuff with the shavings is just ridiculous. The hormone effects of plastics (reducing male characteristics like d*ck size) aren't. Real men drink tap water!!

  16. the guy with glasses is annoying

  17. My friend drank like 3 of these!!! I’m so scared rn

  18. Wow. I’m loss of words but that’s messed up at so many levels

  19. Free market shouldn't mean you're free to poison everyone !!!! If we really want to lower the cost of health care , it's obvious to me that the food producers need to b forced into producing foods that don't cause almost every damn disease we experience or just keep fuckin arguing over Who's going to pay for everyone to b in and out of the clinics , hospitals , and ER' s constantly !!!!SMH

  20. … I have major kidney problems and was told by my dr to switch from well water to bottled years ago and what's the brand usually on sale…. pure life.

  21. Uuhh….I can see very small shreds of plastic floating around even without a dye.


  23. Little do you know a great deal of products you eat or drink is a Nestle owned subsidiary. (I'm in food service)

  24. So you guys are going the Alex Jones route? You guys really are alt-right for pussies

  25. I always purchase nestle bottled water! NEVER AGAIN! 😠😬

  26. This is what I’ve been afraid of. If you put your phone flashlight under the bottle you can see the little particles floating around.

  27. Hmm. I was wondering why it has been tasting funny.

  28. I used to be a federal wildland firefighter and the bottled water they gave us tasted like I was consuming plastic, the taste of that bottled water was horrid. Most of my crew members just brought their own water containers and filled it up with tap water because it tasted better.

  29. Why are they just taking about bottled water? What about bottled sodas, juice, Gatorade and even food items sold in plastic containers?

  30. Plastic pieces takes up more space so they save money on packing 😂

  31. This why I use glass as much as possible

  32. You guys use the most boring voice and guy to tell us about this TYT?! Lol

  33. In German health food stores, water is sold only in glass bottles. That shows you how strict they analyse the products they're selling. Consumer protection is key.

  34. sounds like nestle is in bed with the health care industry.  hmmmm


  36. If you're old enough you remember getting milk delivered to your door in glass containers. You remember getting soda in glass bottles. Glass is inert. I would gladly buy drinks in glass containers.

  37. Can someone please tell me what is a safe alternative then??

  38. Dumbass Fox viewers would probably believe Nestles test! 😄😄😄

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