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Zayn Malik Lost Millions Leaving One Direction Early

Zayn Malik reveals he has an evil twin named Roger. Plus- Find out how much money Zayn missed out on after leaving One Direction.

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  1. Haters can leave through the exit door or the roof… Zayn is doing much better and 1d wasn't going to last forever… this gives guys chance to explore and 5 million is very cheap compared to how much better they are all doing

  2. can you report HollywoodLife for being boring/lame af

  3. lmao he made way more money with his album you idiot

  4. zayn is the richest in the whole 1D and he not have 35 M He has 55M pounds…

  5. OMG!!!! £5 millions!!!!! zayn had 2 loose but never mind!!! he is n inspirational person who taught us that: only follow ur heart, don't worry about how much u have 2 loose 4 following ur heart!!!
    but after he quits 1D, he got tons of new followers as well!!! #ZQUAD!!!✌

  6. But he gained twice or maybe thrice just by a single video named…..Talk MY Pillow

  7. It's okay Zayn you will be the most richest person in the world soon😘😘

  8. Zayn is demon possessed, by demon named Roger.

  9. That's not a "Satan goat" or whatever! Zayn's sun sign is Capricorn ! That's a tattoo of his sun sign! Chill people!

  10. zayn will always have the advantage , just love my badass boy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  11. Glad he chose happiness and health over money!!

  12. So Roger is Blurryface, or maybe Slim Shady.

  13. i didnt know Britney Spears working in here

  14. zayn don't care about money he left so leave him the real directioners are with him and support him so stop talking like that 😑

  15. haaaa…bitch harry styles suckes

  16. will this 1D ghost and these so called 1D fans who hate him so much will ever leave him alone? 😾😾😾 same goes for zayn fake fans

  17. that's a pretty bad comparison. pillow talk is for the main stream media, it's a pop hit. Harry is taking a different path that doesn't get the support pop music does.

  18. alter ego?

  19. at least they're all happy doing their own thing😌 and that's all that matters now.☺✋

  20. Zayn's tattoo : Illuminati confirmed

  21. Why are you 1d fans arguing he actually lost a lot of fans so he definitely lost millions .Now other guys are also leaving but they are praised haha .I'm sure all the 5 weren't interested in the band as you can see pop is not their genre(maybe Louis and niall do pop).Zayn gets a lot of hate becoz he left the band first I respect him for leaving such a big boy band even though he knew he would get a lot of hate.Other lads didn't have the guts to leave first whereas Zayn had it.

  22. Wow. A millionaire loses some miles. Tragic.

  23. Does it bother anyone that they always cut out their videos with no outros.?

  24. he doesnt give a fuck about the money in the end he said its the right and perfect time for him to do what he wants and leave the band at that time for the sake of his health and happiness

  25. Stop comparing with the views because harry just released audio at first and zayn with a video.. if you want to compare , compare with the sales.

  26. fake news you fuckers stop talking about him

  27. wow…last time I was this early, Ke$ha was still a popular artist

  28. what is that ibliis tattoo 😰

  29. why are you just bringing this up ? he left before the contract with syco was over. should 1D pay him back or what? He should fucking tour his album if he wants more money.

  30. feel bad for him yet? you guys seriously need to stop attacking and hating on him now.

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