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Zayn Malik Surprises Kylie Jenner At Her 18th Birthday Party

Zayn Malik Surprises Kylie Jenner At Her 18th Birthday Party

Zayn Malik shows up at Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party & Tyga gives Kylie the craziest gift ever.

Starring Katrina Mitzeliotis

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  1. Stfu he is not interesting in kylie and never would be plzz stop all this shit

  2. This is the same man who posted to this KYLE to her pictures. KYLE read a book liberate your mind or something! Eeeeeek. I DON'T know she is a prostitute which means anything goes.

  3. I don't think he was flirting, Kylie was like 18

  4. kendall and zayn were the best couple👌😍

  5. Wow I didn't know ferraris were that cheap

  6. Seriously?!? We all know he went to the party to meet gigi! She even mentioned it in an interview on ellen. And of course hes friends with the lot so why not!

  7. Ferries everyone is into lambo

  8. “You know your birthdays a big when Kim and Kanye come to it”
    So her half sister and brother-in-law? Not that weird!

  9. zayn and gigi are together now <3

  10. ZAYN don't give a SHIT about this kylie jenner or whatever.
    Even if he'll say HYE to her she'll die of Happiness…..

  11. they know that kylie is a girl right? king kylie?😂😂😂😂just kidding😂

  12. tyga is beautiful but i prefer zayn. kylie could date him hoho

  13. if he liked Kylie's picture doesn't mean he is flirting with her

  14. Zany interested in kylie cus she's hot u bitch

  15. Ah fuck .I really shipped them .Kylie's single but he's not but Gigi and Zayn really do love eachother.

  16. i think hes interested in Kylie cause shes hot duhhhhhh

  17. zayn looks way better then tyga. its just tyga is more famous and more money and buys her stuff which makes that kardashian bitch go for him.

  18. Zayn doesnt deserve a fake selfieaddict like kylie! Nahh uh!

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