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Zero Zero Robotics Hover Camera: Hands-on

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  1. The hovering camera from Back to the Future 2 is becoming a reality!

  2. How does it reach when signal is lost? Lets say you are 15 meters in the air and signal is lost. Does it start to come down to land? Does it just sit there until battery is dead and then fall to the ground?

  3. i like this idea looks cool as well , from 1.22 it looks like Godzilla is chasing him 🙂

  4. that watch is stupid big.

  5. Is this available in the UK market

  6. 600 dollars LOL U GOTTA KIDDING ME

  7. horrible rolling shutter lol

  8. 果冻效果好严重!!!

  9. VHS cassette tape…I've hear of those…

  10. This thing is trash. i had hopes for it, looks awful though

  11. Did he really just say a single charge gets 8 minutes of battery life? who the fuck would buy this?

  12. 8 mins for a single charge?????

  13. Its the size of a VHS cassette tape…wonder how many youngins don't know what that even is

  14. why you record video with wear underwear……

  15. Are people comparing this to actual drones like the karma and mavic??? Bad idea.

  16. And I thought selfie sticks were annoying… boy, i was wrong.

  17. Really?
    Only 8 minutes of battery life?

  18. It has a good idea. But not really practical. The challenge of drone design is not just having one good feature, but keeping good balance of all the features. This hover camera obviously has problems with some features.

  19. ugly design
    ugly video quality
    system interesting

  20. What a bad video quality!
    Like every Chinese product.

  21. I would buy one of those if its able to fly 4 hours without recharge.

  22. You won't hear the mosquito sound in a MUSIC VIDEO!!!

  23. Very good concept, especially the portability. If they can increase the range through range extender and more importantly improve the video quality, it will be a winner as an indoor and selfie drone.

  24. "video is still BIT bugged" HAHA BIT? That is the worst camera i have seen.. It's like my Nokia phone from 2001 https://youtu.be/rn5W0-pCke8

  25. 8 minute battery life? who wants that…

  26. I'm curious how you wanna record a video with that background noise.

  27. 8 minutes, jelly effect, horrible noise, 600$

  28. So how do you get rid of the propeller noise when you want to make a video recording with interview?

  29. $600 usd converter to cnd $800 bux fkn expansive man.. who will buy this dumb piece of shit!! lol.. I would buy bebop 2 insude.

  30. The buzz is a buzz killer.

  31. I don't see how it can appear to hover so well but produce such bad video? My Syma X5C produces better video than that and it can't hover at all!

  32. Will it win against the $10 stick? Think not, unless you're fixated about selfies. Young people, go find something else useful to apply the hover thing

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